Illinois State Genealogical Society Fall Conference 2013

The Illinois State Genealogical Society Fall Conference 2013 is coming on October 25 and 26 in Sandwich, Illinois. I’m happy to say I’ll be there, presenting on Saturday the 26th. Since I was actually born in Sandwich, I’m looking forward to going home and meeting new genealogists at the same time. I’ll be presenting the three following sessions.

1. Managing Your Digital Environment

This session presents simple strategies for 1. organizing digital files on your computer, and 2. using Internet tools to manage your online life. Topics include Using Consistent Data Entry and File Naming; Creating the Six-Folder Digital Filing System; and Apps to Organize Your Online Life.

Download Organizing Genealogy Research Using Archival Principles, an expanded guide on this topic here, using the coupon code from the session.


2. Picture This: Cataloging Family Photographs and Records

This session teaches you how to add names, dates, and other information inside digital photographs. Scanning techniques and how to name, file, and […]