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18 Mar 2014

Creating a Digital Time Capsule for Genealogy

digital time capsule sassy jane genealogyThese days, genealogists are also personal digital archivists. As that family archivist, could you create a digital time capsule of your family’s history?

I’ve opened and reburied a few physical time capsules in my time as a librarian and archivist. (The International Time Capsule Society provides tips on creating a physical capsule, if you’re interested.)

But could a digital time capsule work? Would it be usable in 10 or 20 or more years? Since we all hope that our family history research will be passed on to family members and other researchers, it’s a question worth considering.


2 Oct 2013

Fall Sale at Hollinger for Archival Supplies for Genealogy

hollingerfilefolderssassyjanegenealogyThe fall sale at Hollinger for archival supplies for genealogy is starts today. Get 20 percent off everything at Hollinger Metal Edge, where professional archivists buy their supplies.


I am dismayed when genealogists tell me they buy acid-free supplies  for their priceless family papers at discount stores, home parties, or other outlets that aren’t in the preservation business. That isn’t where libraries or archives shop and neither should you. Archivists swear by Hollinger, the leader in this field since 1945. If they say it’s acid-free, you can count on it.

Products I really like include:

6 Aug 2013

Wear Gloves – Tuesday’s Tip

GlovesToday’s Tuesday’s Tip can help preserve your paper family records and photographs and it doesn’t even cost much.

Wear gloves when handling family records, especially photographs and negatives.

Those latent (invisible) fingerprints that CSIs on TV are always dusting for? They’re created by moisture and oils naturally present in your fingertips – and you leave them on your family records every time you touch them.