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18 Mar 2014

Creating a Digital Time Capsule for Genealogy

digital time capsule sassy jane genealogyThese days, genealogists are also personal digital archivists. As that family archivist, could you create a digital time capsule of your family’s history?

I’ve opened and reburied a few physical time capsules in my time as a librarian and archivist. (The International Time Capsule Society provides tips on creating a physical capsule, if you’re interested.)

But could a digital time capsule work? Would it be usable in 10 or 20 or more years? Since we all hope that our family history research will be passed on to family members and other researchers, it’s a question worth considering.


14 Feb 2014

First Valentine and Some English Genealogy Redux

Today’s First Valentine and Some English Genealogy Redux is a repost from 2011 because – I admit it – I’m still catching up from being in Salt Lake City for a week. Part of a British Library exhibition on the evolution of the English language, the first known valentine is a love letter from a young woman to her fiancé. For the first time, the descendants of Margery Brews and her betrothed John Paston have been found through genealogy research. It’s a great article.

And for my readers from Sassy Jane, here’s a librarian Valentine just for you:

sassy jane genealogy first valentine and english genealogy


5 Jan 2014

Family Histories of the Downton Abbey Cast

Lots of us in the U.S. will be tuned to the opening of Downton Abbey’s season 4 tonight. Recently, the Daily Mail hired genealogists to research the family histories of the Downton Abbey cast … and found that fiction and reality are sometimes quite close.

The family history of Sophie McShera, who plays the lovable kitchen maid Daisy, reveals that her ancestors worked Downstairs. McShera’s great-grandmother Annie Henderson Corsbie was employed as a cook and her great-grandfather an electrician, according to their marriage certificate.

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