31 Dec 2013

Happy New Year from My Viking Ancestors

Happy New Year from my Viking ancestors (and their descendants) to all my readers. Hogmanay celebrations are underway with a torchlight procession through the center of Edinburgh to kick off three days of celebration. Hogmanay is the Scots word for the last day of the year and one of these years I’m going to be there celebrating too. And here’s a bit familiar to genealogists: Hogmanay has 16 other possible spellings!

Of the New Year celebrations, Wikipedia states:

There are many customs, both national and local, associated with Hogmanay. The most widespread national custom is the practice of first-footing, which starts immediately after midnight. This involves being the first person to cross the threshold of a friend or neighbour and often involves the giving of symbolic gifts such as salt (less common today), coalshortbreadwhisky, and black bun (a rich fruit cake) intended […]

26 Nov 2013

Thanksgiving and Family Photographs – Tuesday’s Tip

Thanksgiving and family photographs go together like mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s coming up on Thanksgiving again (in America), so it’s time to 1) reflect upon your life to give thanks and 2) eat as much as you possibly can. If you’re exceptionally fortunate, some time this weekend you may perhaps acquire some family photographs you’ve never seen before.

If you do do your own scanning, scan at a minimum of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) and preferably 600 ppi.

Choose the tiff format and label the scan sequentially. Store your masters together in one location on your computer.


6 Apr 2013

Ross from Ross-shire (and National Tartan Day)

Happy National Tartan Day, a national holiday for all Scottish-Americans and the date on which the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. I’m celebrating the Clan Ross from Ross-shire. If you are interested in seeing what your clan’s tartan looks like, visit the official Tartan Register.

I think I’ll take myself out to lunch (no haggis!) to celebrate, but first a bit on Clan Ross, a Highland Scottish clan I belong to courtesy of my Aberdeenshire grandfather, William Watson Ross. He and I are descendants of a long line of Rosses who married other Rosses…in Ross-shire. And yes, I have several heather walls where I can’t distinguish my Rosses from the others living in the same place.

30 May 2011

Memorial Day 2011: Marvin McMillan (1922-1944)

Today I’m remembering my husband’s first cousin once removed, Radioman Third Class Marvin Ray McMillan, who was lost at sea on submarine service on 4 July 1944.

Marvin was born in Rolla, Morton County, Kansas, in 26 Mar 1922, the fourth of five children of Lee Roy Jonathan Vincent McMillan and Lena Saul McMillan. He joined the Navy and on 30 June 1944, he was aboard the USS S-28 (SS-133), a submarine of the S-class.

mcmillanmusterAccording to Wikipedia:

On 3 July 1944, [S-28] began training operations off Oahu with the United States Coast Guard cutter Reliance. The anti-submarine warfare exercises continued into the evening of 4 July. At 17:30, the day’s concluding exercise began. Contact between the two became sporadic and, at 18:20, the last, brief contact with S-28 was made and lost. All attempts to establish communications failed.