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17 Jun 2020

Solving a German Sibling Brick Wall in Chicago

By |17 Jun 2020|Prussian Genealogy, Schumann, Search Strategies|14 Comments

Today I'm sharing a post about solving a German sibling brick wall in Chicago. Breaking through this brick wall with Chicago records makes it extra satisfying. Anna and Her Sister Elise Sail to America [...]

29 May 2019

Chicago German-Language Newspaper Obituaries

By |29 May 2019|Chicago Genealogy, German Genealogy, Hann, Obituaries, Translation|4 Comments

These Chicago German-Language Newspaper Obituaries helped me break through my Austrian genealogy brick wall. Searching for an Austrian Birthplace Churchyard at the Ladis Catholic Church. Regular readers know how elusive Gottfried Hann, [...]

10 Dec 2015

Explore Chicago Collections Online

By |10 Dec 2015|Chicago Genealogy, Digital Collections, Genealogy|0 Comments

The brand-new Explore Chicago Collections online portal unites Chicago's many archival collections, providing genealogists with greater access to Chicago history. Explore Chicago Collections online with this free portal containing a search engine and record-finding tool for Chicago primary [...]

27 Sep 2013

Hidden Truths: Mapping the City Cemetery in Chicago for Follow Friday

By |27 Sep 2013|Cemetery Records, Chicago Genealogy, Genealogy|1 Comment

Hidden Truths: Mapping the City Cemetery in Chicago is a wonderful site by Pamela Bannos, a researcher who was curious about a why there was a large tomb for the Couch family in Lincoln Park. Performing [...]

12 Jun 2011

Researching Your Chicago Ancestors From Afar

By |12 Jun 2011|Chicago Genealogy, Genealogy, German Genealogy, Norwegian Genealogy, Prussian Genealogy, Scottish Genealogy, Swedish Genealogy|0 Comments

Researching Your Chicago Ancestors from Afar is today's post. I've presented at Jamboree and other conferences on Chicago research, so I decided to gather the links to the Chicago genealogy research resources I've compiled [...]

10 May 2011

Chicago Genealogy: Scottish Resources

By |10 May 2011|Chicago Genealogy, Scottish Genealogy|2 Comments

Chicago Genealogy: Scottish Resources is today's post. For other posts on ethnic resources for Chicago genealogy, click the link. Please note: This list is meant to include resources in addition to the ones found at the traditional genealogical [...]

8 Apr 2011

Chicago Genealogy: Norwegian-American Resources

By |8 Apr 2011|Chicago Genealogy, Norwegian Genealogy|4 Comments

Continuing my series of posts on Chicago genealogy research, here's Chicago Genealogy – Norwegian-American Resources continues. For a list of other posts on Chicago genealogy resources, click here. 1. Internet Lists Norway Mailing List The venerable [...]

4 Apr 2011

Chicago Genealogy: Jewish Chicago Resources

By |4 Apr 2011|Archives, Chicago Genealogy, Newspapers|0 Comments

Chicago Genealogy – Jewish Chicago Resources continues my series of posts on Chicago genealogy research. Some of the other pages I’ve put up for Polish resources and German resources may also be useful. For links to other Chicago [...]