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7 Dec 2014

Restoring Digital Family Photos

By |7 Dec 2014|Family Photos & Records, Genealogy, Preservation|Comments Off on Restoring Digital Family Photos

I'd rather have a root canal – and let's be specific about no anesthetic – than fiddle with PhotoShop. So when I think about restoring digital family photos, I think of professionals like Landailyn CPR (Conservation, Preservation, Restoration). Proprietor and family photo wizard Janine Smith promises to "breathe life into your [...]

3 Jan 2014

Dating Family Photos from Clothing

By |3 Jan 2014|Family Photos & Records|1 Comment

Today's Follow Friday is about getting help with dating family photos from clothing at The site, written and developed by Pauline Thomas and Guy Thomas, has a page with specific tips on dating family photos from clothing, hats, and jewelry. Other sections of the website are organized by era and include illustrations and text to [...]

9 Jul 2013

Check the Backs of Old Framed Family Photos

By |9 Jul 2013|Family Photos & Records, Preservation|1 Comment

Tuesday's tip is to check the backs of old framed family photos. Framers often used cardboard and scrap wood to back photographs in their frames in the early twentieth century. These backing materials are highly acidic and can damage your one-of-a-kind old frame family photos by leeching acid into [...]

21 Jul 2010

Five Simple Steps to Preserve Family Photos

By |21 Jul 2010|Family Photos & Records, Preservation|4 Comments

Here are five simple steps to preserve family photos that you can do today. ☞ 1. Move family records and photographs from your attic or garage into the house. Paper-based records (and that includes photographs) do best in the same environment conditions that people enjoy. That means no storage in [...]

14 Oct 2014

Library of Congress Wants Your Family Halloween Photos

By |14 Oct 2014|Family Photos & Records, Genealogy, Holidays|Comments Off on Library of Congress Wants Your Family Halloween Photos

The Library of Congress wants your family Halloween photos from 2014. Are you photographing hayrides, haunted houses, parades, or trick-or-treating this year with adorable children and grandchildren? The Library of Congress wants you! (And I hope someday the American Folklife Center (AFC) will want vintage family photographs of Halloween like the one above.) [...]

1 Jun 2017

Cataloging Digital Family Photographs

By |1 Jun 2017|3 Comments

Cataloging Digital Family Photographs brings order to your family photographs and records, making every image you own searchable. Family photographs may seem so complex that they defy organizing. With this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide, you can tame your digital family photographs and records once and for all. Discover the best way to scan [...]

4 May 2017

Caring for Scrapbook Family Photographs

By |4 May 2017|Family Photos & Records, Genealogy, Preservation|Comments Off on Caring for Scrapbook Family Photographs

Are you caring for scrapbook family photographs? Do your scrapbook family photographs look like the one above? Here are some solutions from an archivist-genealogist. During #AskAnArchivist Day, Missy asked: I've been given large portions of my grandmother's photographic/scrapbook collection and also her eldest brother's. Some of the photos from [...]

23 Nov 2016

Interviewing Relatives for Family History

By |23 Nov 2016|Family Photos & Records|2 Comments

With the holidays upon us, here are some tips for interviewing relatives for family history, courtesy of the Society of California Archivists with a bit of my own experience mixed in. 1. Planning the Interview Place the recorder where you can see it, but where it is out of the [...]

27 Nov 2015

Photoshop Elements 14 Sale

By |27 Nov 2015|Family Photos & Records, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides, Scanning|3 Comments

There's an Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 sale at Amazon right now for $59.99, plus Amazon Prime customers save an additional $20. (Regularly $99.00 retail.)This is the latest version of the software used in Sassy Jane's Guide to Cataloging Digital Family Photographs and Records to help you scan, add information, and organize your family photos [...]

27 Apr 2014

Preservation Week 2014 Family Photographs

By |27 Apr 2014|Archival Supplies, Family Photos & Records, Genealogy, Preservation|1 Comment

Today’s topic is Preservation Week 2014 Family Photographs. This year Preservation Week  is from April 27-May 3. A joint effort by the archives, library, and museum professions, Preservation Week is designed to share professional expertise on preservation of historical materials with individuals and organizations. As part of this celebration, this retired archivist and Sassy Jane are [...]

26 Nov 2013

Thanksgiving and Family Photographs

By |26 Nov 2013|Family Photos & Records, Holidays, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides, Scanning|Comments Off on Thanksgiving and Family Photographs

Thanksgiving and family photographs go together like mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s coming up on Thanksgiving again (in America), so it’s time to 1) reflect upon your life, 2) give thanks and 3) eat as much as you possibly can. If you're exceptionally fortunate, some time [...]

8 Nov 2013

Dating Vintage Photos – Follow Friday

By |8 Nov 2013|Family Photos & Records|2 Comments

Atkins Family, Lincoln, Vermont (courtesy Landscape Change Program, University of Vermont) Dating vintage photos can be a challenge, but helpful resources are available, like the image archives at the Landscape Change Program at the University of Vermont. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the Landscape Change Program collects historic images to document how [...]

18 Oct 2013

Dating Photos Using Library of Congress Resources

By |18 Oct 2013|Family Photos & Records|Comments Off on Dating Photos Using Library of Congress Resources

Dating photos using Library of Congress resources is today's post. The Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs Division  has a great list of resources for visual literacy, a term that embraces image history, photographic processes, content, and meaning. If you have ever used a magnifying glass on a photograph [...]

23 Jul 2013

Move Family Records and Photographs

By |23 Jul 2013|Family Photos & Records, Preservation|1 Comment

Move family records and photographs to preserve them. Tuesday's tip is the smartest, safest, and cheapest preservation thing you can do to preserve your paper family records. If you've stored them in an attic, garage, or other unheated or cooled place, move family records and photographs into the house. Paper-based records [...]

23 Apr 2013

Social Media Networks Stripping Data from Digital Photos

By |23 Apr 2013|Organizing Genealogy Research, Preservation, Social Media|3 Comments

Social media networks stripping data from digital photos – what does this mean for genealogists? There’s an interesting post up on The Signal, the digital preservation blog from the Library of Congress, about social media networks stripping data from your digital photos when they are posted. This means that information about [...]

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