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22 Jun 2017

German Peasant Costumes for Genealogy Research

By |22 Jun 2017|German Genealogy, Prussian Genealogy|0 Comments

German Peasant Costumes - Silesia Tannhausen - Czarnowanz (near Oppeln) – (Courtesy Boston Public Library) Illustrations of German peasant costumes by noted German-American artist Louis Prang can help illuminate your family history research in Germany, Prussia (now Poland), and Austria. Records are few where my great-great-great grandmother Johanna Christiane [...]

13 May 2014

German Card for Genealogy Research

By |13 May 2014|Church Records, Genealogy, German Genealogy, Translation|3 Comments

The German Card is the best $5 I’ve ever spent, certainly in research terms. The SGGS German Card is a four-panel card, hinged and laminated, that folds up to the size of a credit card. Around the outside edges of the panels are Kurrentschrift or Alte Deutsche Schrift (“old German [...]

26 Oct 2017

Translating German Genealogy Records

By |26 Oct 2017|German Genealogy, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides, Translation|3 Comments

Today's post is about a system I've put together when translating German genealogy records to English. Lots has been written about resources to help you translate, but very little about the actual process of transcribing and translating.If you work with German records, you understand how the handwriting has changed over [...]

14 Jan 2017

Finding German Place Names at

By |14 Jan 2017|German Genealogy, Maps|2 Comments

Try finding German place names at, which provides maps and translations. Using the essential Meyers Orts German gazetteer just got easier. is a new site for searching the indispensable Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs (Meyers-Orts for short). As FamilySearch notes, This gazetteer of the German Empire is [...]

27 Mar 2016

Is the American Easter Bunny German?

By |27 Mar 2016|German Genealogy, Holidays|0 Comments

In honor of the holiday today: Is the American Easter Bunny German? Franck von Franckenau’s 1682 essay Dispvtatione Ordinaria Disqvirens De Ovis Paschalibvs. (Courtesy Württembergische Landesbibliothek, Stuttgart) The first known reference to the German tradition of the Easter Hare comes from Georg Franck von Franckenau’s academic essay De ovis [...]

19 Oct 2015

FamilySearch German Databases Updated

By |19 Oct 2015|Databases, Death Records, Digital Collections, Genealogy, German Genealogy, Marriage Records, Prussian Genealogy|3 Comments

An astute friend told me that the FamilySearch German Databases updated on 18 September 2015. Great news! If you haven't searched the three main German databases available at FamilySearch in a while, it's worth taking a look again. And if you're new to research in Germany (and Prussia), these database [...]

3 Aug 2014

Free Online German-Language Newspapers

By |3 Aug 2014|Genealogy, German Genealogy, Newspapers, Search Strategies|0 Comments

Free online German-language newspapers published in the United States are invaluable resources for genealogists. If you're searching for ancestors from Germany, Austria, and Prussia who emigrated to America, 19th- and 20th-century German-language newspapers can hold important clues not found in English-language records. Published in areas with large enclaves of German-speaking immigrants, these [...]

6 Dec 2013

Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies

By |6 Dec 2013|Genealogy, German Genealogy|1 Comment

Familienglück, ein Büchlein für Jünglinge und Jungfrauen, die sich verheirathen wollen, 1903. (courtesy MKI) The Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies can help your German research. Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1983 with a grant from the Max Kade Foundation of New York, the Max Kade [...]

22 Oct 2013

Mapping 1890 German Ancestry

By |22 Oct 2013|Census, German Genealogy|1 Comment

Today's post is about mapping 1890 German ancestry in the U.S. There are more Americans of German extraction living in this country today than any other ethnicity. At least seven million German natives emigrated to the United States between 1800 and the present. Most arrived between 1840 and 1914, [...]

16 Oct 2013


By |16 Oct 2013|0 Comments

Genealogy Research ServicesWhen is a professional genealogist right for you and your family?Whether you lack the time necessary to begin your tree or if you have encountered a stumbling block in your own research, a professional genealogist can help.As a librarian, archivist, and genealogist for the past 40 years, Nancy [...]

22 Jun 2013

Obituaries from Chicago German-Language Newspapers

By |22 Jun 2013|Chicago Genealogy, German Genealogy, Hann, Obituaries, Translation|Comments Off on Obituaries from Chicago German-Language Newspapers

Today's topic is about using and translating obituaries from Chicago German-Language newspapers. I've found the birthplace for Gottfried Hann (1861-1896), my great-grandfather, as I continue trying to read 19th-c. German without actually knowing any. I paid a researcher to find these obituaries at the Newberry Library and now I'm [...]

12 Jun 2011

Researching Your Chicago Ancestors From Afar

By |12 Jun 2011|Chicago Genealogy, Genealogy, German Genealogy, Norwegian Genealogy, Prussian Genealogy, Scottish Genealogy, Swedish Genealogy|0 Comments

Researching Your Chicago Ancestors from Afar is today's post. I've presented at Jamboree and other conferences on Chicago research, so I decided to gather the links to the Chicago genealogy research resources I've compiled into one big post. Research for my own tree is very Chicago-oriented, as my great-grandparents [...]

24 Mar 2011

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Archives

By |24 Mar 2011|Archives, Chicago Genealogy, German Genealogy|1 Comment

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Archives contains links to resources for German-American ancestors in Chicago. For links to other Chicago German-American resources, click here. For links to all other Chicago resources, click here. Organizations Germanic Genealogy – The Newberry Library Leading genealogical library with extensive German Chicago resources. [...]

23 Mar 2011

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Church Records and Cemeteries

By |23 Mar 2011|Cemetery Records, Chicago Genealogy, Church Records, German Genealogy|1 Comment

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Church Records and Cemeteries My series on Chicago resources for your German-American ancestors continues with Chicago Genealogy: German-American Church Records and Cemeteries. For a list of other posts on Chicago German-American genealogy resources, click here. For links to other Chicago resources, click here. 1. Major Christian German-American [...]

22 Mar 2011

Chicago Genealogy: Chicago German-Language Newspapers

By |22 Mar 2011|Chicago Genealogy, Genealogy, German Genealogy, Newspapers|0 Comments

Chicago Genealogy: Chicago German-Language Newspapers are an invaluable source for German genealogical research in Chicago. Gottfried Hann's obituary I've been working on the list of research resources for finding German ancestors in Chicago and there is a LOT of good stuff out there. I can't stress enough [...]

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