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22 Jul 2011

Searching for Bruno Kirschstein

By |22 Jul 2011|German Genealogy, Kirschstein, Prussian Genealogy, Search Strategies|12 Comments

My first Surname Saturday post is about searching for Bruno Kirschstein, my great-grandfather.. My KIRSCHSTEIN line should be easy and it isn’t. Since the search has taken me down many paths, I thought I'd explore some of them with you today. The KIRSCHSTEIN (English: cherry stone) surname is from my maternal grandmother’s side [...]

7 Sep 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Alfrieda Kirschstein Schaaf

By |7 Sep 2010|Cemetery Records, Kirschstein|0 Comments

This Tombstone Tuesday: Alfrieda Kirschstein Schaaf, my great-aunt (or grand-aunt if you want to be technical.) Alfrieda Charlotte Anna Elizabeth Kirschstein Schaaf was my grandmother’s baby sister, born in Chicago on 26 Nov 1894, the fourth of four children of Bruno Julius Wilhelm Kirschstein and Anna Friedrike Luise Schumann. [...]

20 Jul 2010

Birth and Baptism of Bruno Kirschstein

By |20 Jul 2010|Church Records, German Genealogy, Kirschstein, Prussian Genealogy|2 Comments

Today a brick wall crumbled when I found the birth and baptism of Bruno Kirschstein, my great-grandfather, in the Lutheran parish church records of Rawitsch, Posen, Prussia. With this record, I also found the names of his parents. In addition to having the great satisfaction of finding new generations for [...]

26 Oct 2017

Translating German Genealogy Records

By |26 Oct 2017|German Genealogy, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides, Translation|3 Comments

Today's post is about a system I've put together when translating German genealogy records to English. Lots has been written about resources to help you translate, but very little about the actual process of transcribing and translating.If you work with German records, you understand how the handwriting has changed over [...]

28 Apr 2016

Visiting Prussia for the Time-Traveling Genealogy Blog Party

By |28 Apr 2016|Kirschstein, Prussian Genealogy|10 Comments

Visiting Prussia for the Time-Traveling Genealogy Blog Party is my entry in the latest blog party. Courtesy of Elizabeth O'Neal at LittleBytesofLife, here's this party's theme: You and The Doctor (of Doctor Who fame [who of course is David Tennant – hubba hubba]) have just finished saving the Earth from nasty, alien monsters. [...]

29 Jul 2015

Finding Missing German Marriage Records Part 2

By |29 Jul 2015|Genealogy|0 Comments

Today's post is about finding missing German marriage records part 2 (or the rest of the story – that dates me, doesn't it?). So here's an update on the post a few days ago about looking for a marriage record reported in the Deutschland Heiraten 1558-1929 database at FamilySearch. (And I still say [...]

21 Jul 2015

Finding Missing German Marriage Records

By |21 Jul 2015|German Genealogy, Translation|3 Comments

Today's post is about finding missing German marriage records. I've been reading German parish records pretty steadily for five years now, and encountered my share of records that take a lot of finding and translating. But until today, I'd never encountered a marriage record in the "comments" section of another [...]

4 Nov 2014

Request Free FamilySearch Scans (Now Discontinued)

By |4 Nov 2014|Genealogy, Primary Sources, Research Tips, Search Strategies|2 Comments

UPDATE: The Family History Library has announced: "Online requests for photo duplication services of microfilm and books are no longer available." Click the link above for more information from FamilySearch. _____________________ Did you know you can request free FamilySearch scans for specific records? The good people at have been offering to [...]

29 Oct 2013

Genealogy and Inflation Calculators – Tuesday’s Tip

By |29 Oct 2013|Databases, Genealogy|0 Comments

Genealogy and inflation calculators is Tuesday's Tip. I was looking at some 1905 divorce records the other day and noticed that my great-grandfather owed $2.50 per week in child support at the turn of the century. Since he worked as a day laborer and timekeeper, I suspect that the $2.50 [...]

5 Feb 2012

Top Three Tips for Organizing Digital Genealogy Research Files

By |5 Feb 2012|Genealogy, Organizing Genealogy Research, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides|0 Comments

My top three tips for organizing digital genealogy research files are today’s topic. Genealogists create lots of digital files in the course of their research. Some are downloads, some are scans of paper records in our research collections. But all of them need consistent processing if future search results are [...]

16 Nov 2010

Standard Finder Place Name Searches

By |16 Nov 2010|Prussian Genealogy, Search Strategies|2 Comments

UPDATED: CLICK HERE TO USE PLACE RESEARCH TOOL WHICH HAS REPLACED STANDARD FINDER Today's tip is about the inelegantly named "Standard Finder" that's currently in development in the labs at Standard Finder Place Name Searches really help for research where the borders changed frequently and place names were changed between different [...]

30 Oct 2010

Baptism of Florentine Mathilde Braun

By |30 Oct 2010|Braun, Church Records, Prussian Genealogy, Translation|2 Comments

Birth and Baptism of Florentina Mathilde Braun (1814-1891) Today's Surname Saturday post is about one of those good news/bad news genealogy days. Good: I found the birth and baptism of Florentine Mathilde Braun, my great-great grandmother and she has a twin sister. Bad: the village pastor had [...]

22 Sep 2010

When to Hire a Translator

By |22 Sep 2010|Kirschstein, Prussian Genealogy, Translation|7 Comments

Today's post is about when to hire a translator. Those of you who have been reading along know that I've been fumbling my way through German parish records for the first time, working on two of my family lines with some modest success. To educate myself, I've been to many [...]

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