I love stories like this. One of the greatest baseball games ever played – the deciding game of the 1960 World Series – was thought to be lost because the broadcasters routinely destroyed or rerecorded over old game tapes. 

But it seems that Bing Crosby hired a company to record the 1960 Game 7 by kinescope, the best process available at the time, consisting of filming off a television monitor. Crosby was too nervous to watch the game as it was being played, so the tapes were made. Crosby watched them and then they were put in his wine cellar. The five-reel set, found in December in Crosby’s home, is the only known complete copy of the game. The MLB archivist must be transported with happiness. Read more about it here.

And the moral for genealogists is that those family records and photographs are out there. Sometimes it just takes some serendipity like this.