20 Feb 2011

Colorado Springs City Directories Online, 1879-1922

The Pikes Peak Genealogical Society has digitized and made available city directories for Colorado Springs for the period from 1879 through 1922 on its Web site. The digital city directories are a collaborative effort between the Pikes Peak Genealogical Society and Special Collections at the Pikes Peak Library District.  

Visit this page and click on the date links at bottom to access the directories. The first city directory for Colorado Springs was published in 1879, and was published biennially until 1899. After 1900, directories for Colorado Springs were published annually and included a cross-reference index for street addresses. The digitized Colorado Springs city directories are in PDF format by year. You may browse page by page or search for a particular name or keyword.

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30 Dec 2010

Your Kodachrome Slides: Treasure Chest Thursday

The last roll of Kodachrome film is being processed today at a lab in Parsons, Kansas. Kodak stopped producing the chemicals and the film itself on 22 June 2009. The Kansas lab – the last one in the world still developing the film – has been working around the clock to process the last rolls before the developing machine is sold for scrap.

The excellent article in the New York Times about this milestone contains this quote:  “It’s more than a film, it’s a pop culture icon,” said Todd Gustavson, a curator from the George Eastman House, a photography museum in Rochester in the former residence of the Kodak founder. “If you were in the postwar baby boom, it was the color film, no doubt about it.”

If you’ve got 20th-century family photographs, then you have Kodachrome in your collection. Professional photographers favored Kodachrome because of its brilliant color accuracy and professional archivists valued its […]