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19 Oct 2016

Why Am I a Genealogist?

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Why am I a genealogist? Jack Finney's time-travel novel, Time and Again, explains it best: Because I’ve always felt a wonder at old photographs not easy to explain.  Maybe I don’t need to explain; maybe you’ll recognize what I mean. I mean the sense of wonder, staring at the strange clothes [...]

20 Sep 2016

Latest Image Software Recommendations

By |20 Sep 2016|family photographs, genealogy|2 Comments

My latest image software recommendations are included in this post.  Choosing image software to help manage your family photos is an essential step in organizing family photos and records, and one that I cover in more detail in my e-book, Cataloging Family Photographs & Records. Image software is used by genealogists to: Create high-resolution [...]

1 May 2016

Archives MayDay 2016

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Today is Archives MayDay 2016 – the one day each year when the entire archives profession pays attention to emergency preparedness by writing, reviewing, and revising disaster preparedness plans. At home, too often our emergency planning takes second place to more pressing demands. So I think it’s smart to take [...]

10 Apr 2016

Free California Digital Archives for Genealogy Part 3

By |10 Apr 2016|archives, digital collections, family papers, family photographs, family records,, genealogy, primary sources, States on Sunday|1 Comment

Free California Digital Archives for Genealogy Part 3 is part of  Sassy Jane Genealogy's States on Sunday series, providing links to free digital resources for each of the fifty states. Part 1 featured the major resources available. Part 2 includes institutional and small organization links. Part 3 today concludes the entries for California. The [...]