11 Jun 2011

Geneablogging @ the Jamboree

This morning I’m joining Thomas MacEntee’s Jamboree panel, “Blogger Summit I – Beginner to Blogger in 60 Minutes,” to talk about my first year of genealogy blogging.

As I think about some of the questions Thomas poses in this session, it’s clear that geneablogging has helped my family research and best of all linked me to a warm and wonderful community of other geneabloggers.

The biggest unexpected dividend of having a blog is that my Gen X nieces and nephews (the plural is nieblings according to a friend of mine) have gotten more interested in our family history via my blog entries and Facebook posts.

9 Jun 2011

Whee! It’s Jamboree 2011!

Jamboree 2011 starts tomorrow in Burbank. My plan is to hit some sessions, especially by Thomas MacEntee and Lisa Alzo, visit the Tech Leb to consult the ProQuest Obituaries database, look at some vendors, and get ready for my sessions on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re attending in person, download the schedule here.

And if you can’t make it, this year SCGS is streaming some sessions live. You can find a list of sessions and instructions on the Jamboree blog.