31 Aug 2016

Finding Norwegian Ancestors in Eiker

Finding Norwegian ancestors in Eiker, Buskerud, was the other half of my summer adventure. (The first half of my ancestral trip was to Ringebu, Norway.) My paternal great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Jens Nielsen, was baptized on 20 Jul 1690, at the Haug Kirke (above) in Eiker. So many of my father's father's father's ancestors (and more to [...]

30 Jul 2016

Finding Norwegian Ancestors in Ringebu

This is the Ringebu Stavkirke in Oppland, Norway, where my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Synnøve Eriksdatter Lunde, was buried on 9 May 1733. At least 48 76 of my ancestors (and more to find) were baptized, married, or buried from this church. I know this, because I went there a few weeks ago, fulfilling a dream [...]

13 Mar 2016

Recreational Vikings

Recreational Vikings reclaiming their heritage is today's feature. If you are a Viking descendant like me, then journalist Andrew Higgins' article – "Norway Again Embraces the Vikings, Minus the Violence" –  a great read on how Norway is reclaiming its Viking heritage. In his article, Higgins looks at culture and history [...]

26 May 2012

Finding Hans Loe

Finding Hans Loe, my Norwegian great-grandfather, is very satisfying, especially in light of my floundering beginning efforts and not knowing enough about Norwegian records. Is there anything more satisfying that figuring out primary source records in another language? I don't think so! And Norway may be the exception to the rule that [...]