6 Dec 2013

Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies – Follow Friday

The Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies is today’s Follow Friday. Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1983 with a grant from the Max Kade Foundation of New York, the Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies examines how “German-speaking immigrants and their descendants have both shaped their North American environment and been shaped by it.”

German-American immigration, history, culture, and language are the topics of interest at the MKI, and the following links may be helpful to genealogists researching German lines:

American Languages: German Dialects

Scanned images from the MKI Archives 

Ethnicity in Wisconsin

Historical Maps of Central Europe (G. D. Reymann’s Special-Karte, 1832-1870)

How German Is [the] American [Language]?


Virtual Exhibits

If you live or will be traveling to Madison, the MKI Library offers:

A collection of more than 3200 books, pamphlets, and periodicals in the German language published in America, and/or by German-American authors;
A collection of more than 5300 books, articles, and pamphlets dealing significantly with political, […]

11 Jun 2013

Anna Koenig Linde of Freienwalde, Pomerania

Here’s the promised updated translation of the German parish record for the death of Anna Koenig Linde of Freienwalde, Pomerania:



Den Drei und zwanzigste Dezember Morgens um ¼ auf 9 Uhr, starb an Geschwulst Anna Regina König verwitwete Linde, des verstorbene Tuchmachermeister Johann Gottlieb Linde hinterlassene Ehefrau 65 Jahr 6 Mon und 17 Tage alt und würde den auf die Sechs und zwanzigsten ejusd. begraben. Sie hinterlas 2 Söhne und 1 Tochter.

Death No. 48/23 Female

The twenty-third December ¼ of 9 o’clock in the morning, died of a tumor Anna Regina Koenig widow Linde, the deceased master clothmaker Johann Gottlieb Linde surviving wife 65 years 6 months and 17 days old and to be on the twenty-sixth of the same month buried. Her survivors 2 sons and 1 daughter.


20 Apr 2012

Follow Friday: The Evangelical Central Archive (EZA) in Berlin

Today’s Follow Friday is the Evangelical Central Archive in Berlin, which has a great collection of German parish registers from the former Prussian church provinces beyond the Oder-Neisse border (Eastern Prussia, Western Prussia, Back Pomerania, Posen, eastern territories of Mark Brandenburg and Silesia) and some Protestant military church registers.

The repository has the following holdings:

About 7000 Parish Registers from Protestant parishes which belonged to the former eastern provinces of the Protestant Church of the Old Prussian Union. These areas today belong to Poland, Russia, and Lithuania. German Protestant parishes no longer exist in these areas.
About 763 military church records of the Military Church
About 70 Parish Registers from German-speaking congregations outside of Germany.
Personal records from Danish refugee camps (1943-1949) are available for official use only.

Click here to search for parish registers by village. The fee schedule for genealogical research is provided here. And here is a link to the search interface (with English translation by Google).

If you’re looking for […]

8 Oct 2011

Schumann of Massow, Pomerania, Prussia: Surname Saturday

Research has gotten less complicated now that I know my German ancestors really were Prussian. I’ve had some success lately with the Schumanns, my great-grandmother’s line from Pomerania.

Anna Schumann’s father, Friedrich Wilhelm, was certainly adventurous. He left his native village of Massow for nearby Freienwalde, where he married his first wife, Auguste Marie Luise LINDE (1835-1886). Massow is now Maszewo [maˈʂɛvɔ], a town in Goleniów County, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland.