20 Jan 2016

SplashData’s Worst Passwords 2015

SplashData's Worst Passwords 2015 list has been released, showing how many users are putting themselves at risk. The fifth edition of the annual list reveals the most popular passwords found in data leaks during the year, according to SplashData: 123456 password 12345678 qwerty 12345 123456789 football 1234 1234567 baseball welcome 1234567890 abc123 111111 1qaz2wsx dragon master monkey letmein login princess qwertyuiop solo passw0rd starwars SplashData offers three golden rules for effective password management: Use passwords or catchphrases of 12 mixed characters or more. I like to use the first letters of a song title, with numbers and uppercase added in places that are memorable. Don't use the same password for different websites or log-ins to accounts. Use a password manager to organize and protect passwords. The password manager I favor is Dashlane. Yes, it keeps track of your passwords, automatically logs you in to any website on any of your devices (desktop, laptop, [...]

11 Oct 2015

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Today's post is about a cool Web-based service called TinEye Reverse Image Search. TinEye is an image search company in Toronto, Canada. Their website (and related browser plug-ins) offer innovative ways to link specific images in your collections with their locations on the Internet. Don't remember where you got that great family photo? Not even sure it's Great-Aunt Myrtle and her sisters? Try TinEye! As you can see from the featured image above, you can search three ways: 1) upload an image file, 2) drag and drop an image file, or 3) provide a URL for the image. Then perform the search. Here are the results in action: I found the digital image below in my DropBox folder labeled "vernon_and_family2.jpg." The Vernons seem like nice people and it's a great family photo, but Vernon as surname or given name wasn't in my tree or in my clients' trees. I was at a loss to figure out 1) where this image [...]

12 Sep 2014

Google Account Breach Checker

Not sure if your Google account got hacked in the latest big data breach? Dashlane has a Google Account Breach Checker available here. Regular readers know that I trust Dashlane, the ultimate password manager. Having something like this simple app to check the status of your Gmail account is just another reason why I think Dashlane is great. Dashlane not only keeps track of your passwords, but also automatically logs in to any website on any of your devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone on any platform), and never loses passwords. In fact, with your permission, Dashlane can burrow into your browsers and mine them for user names and passwords you might have forgotten. So try the Google Account Breach Checker. And if you're new to Dashlane, click here to get six months of premium service, including auto sync between all of your devices, for free.

1 May 2014

MayDay Genealogy Data

Today's post is MayDay Genealogy Data, to mark MayDay 2014, an annual national preservation day sponsored by professionals from archives, libraries, museums, historic preservation, and historical societies. On this date each year, these professions review their emergency preparedness plans, and help individuals with emergency preparedness for personal data and papers. So let's take a leaf from the Society of American Archivists and take time during MayDay 2014 to think about preserving our family history data. At home, too often our emergency planning takes second place to more pressing demands. (I'm going to assume that everyone has already ensured their personal safety so that we can focus on data. But if you need to improve your personal safety measures, visit A starting place for your data and papers: Are you backing up your data locally? If you are, could you grab that hard drive and go with only a few minutes' warning? Have you stored your family papers [...]