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10 Sep 2013

Berggren Brothers of Ishpeming, Michigan, for Tombstone Tuesday

The Berggren brothers of Sweden were killed “in the usual way” mining iron ore in Ishepeming, Michigan, in 1889. Today’s Tombstone Tuesday is about Lars Erick and Per August and the grief their friends and family felt decades later. When I went to the Upper Peninsula, I was determined to find out what had happened to them, for the family stories were garbled. At the local historical society, I found the news article about the mine accident. Erick and August emigrated from Sweden to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with their widowed mother, Lovisa Berggren. Erick married Mathilda Lind, the daughter of his landlord, in July of 1885, in Ishpeming. August was unmarried. They worked alongside my great-great uncle in the Cleveland Mine, until the day a charge failed to explode…and they went together to  investigate. […]

13 Dec 2011

Lee Soucy, USS Utah Pearl Harbor Survivor: Tombstone Tuesday

USS Utah Memorial, Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 6 Dec 2011 Today's Tombstone Tuesday is a bit unusual because the tombstone is the USS Utah, a converted battleship that was sunk in the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 Dec 1941. The USS Arizona and the USS Utah are the only surviving underwater memorials left at Pearl Harbor and only the Arizona is open to the public. Because my husband is a retired Army officer, we were able to stay right on Ford Island. One of the 70th anniversary events was held at sunset on 6 Dec 2011 at the USS Utah Memorial, honoring those who died there and to inter the ashes of one of the Utah survivors, Lee Soucy. Survivors gather at the Utah ceremony, 2011 An article about the 2011 Pearl Harbor survivor interments notes: [Soucy] had just finished breakfast that Sunday morning when he saw planes dropping bombs on airplane hangars. [...]

18 Oct 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Major Harry Winfield Schenck

Major Harry Winfield Schenck, 1910-1945, United States Military Academy Post Cemetery Last week I had the privilege of visiting the United States Military Academy Post Cemetery Last week I had the privilege of visiting the United States Military Academy Post Cemetery at West Point. Over 100 notables are buried there, but I wanted to pay my respects at the grave of a childhood friend. While we were there, we could not help but be struck many of the headstones and the stories implied in birth and death dates. Today’s post is about Harry Schenck (Class of 1933 USMA), who gave his life for his country in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp on 21 Feb 1945. […]

28 Sep 2010

Wyatt Anderson Daniel, Died 1942 in Uravan, Colorado

Today’s Tombstone Tuesday is about Wyatt Anderson DANIEL, who died in Uravan, Colorado, in 1942. It’s also about unheralded loss, synchronicity, and wonders of genealogy on the Internet. My mother-in-law died long before I met my husband. He told me his mother’s first husband had died in an accident, perhaps in a mine, and his name was Wyatt, and they had been very happy together. I searched, without success and using a variety of names, and decided to concentrate the  Curtises, his mother’s line. They are a prolific family who settled Connecticut in the early seventeenth century and then moved across the country, finding time it seems to have a family member at every major historical event in the history of the United States. Quite a contrast to my polyglot assortment of nineteenth-century immigrants. So when we decided to take a big road trip last spring, I was determined to go [...]