• Digital Archives for Genealogy Research helps researchers find original records in US and international archives. Whether you had famous ancestors or not, a rich variety of genealogical primary sources in archives are waiting to be found for your family history research.

    You'll discover and use online archival portals and finding aids, essential tools to locate hidden genealogical gems in archives. Direct links to digital archives in all 50 states and around the world are included. Search using archival terminology, download records, request records online, or prepare for an in-person visit with the information in Digital Archives for Genealogy Research. This Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook includes step-by-step information to successfully search digital archives.
  • Prussian Place Name Research explores German and Prussian gazetteers, maps, databases, and records for  German-speaking ancestors from Prussia (Brandenburg, East Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, Silesia, West Prussia).

    Discover where your Prussian ancestors lived, and what place names are in use today. Once you have your geographic bearings in Prussia, primary and secondary sources are easier to find with this Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook.

  • using macs and ipads table of contents Using Macs and iPads for Genealogy

    Using Macs and iPads for Genealogy helps you master essential and hidden features of Macs, iPads, and iPhones for your family history research.

    If you're a Mac genealogist – or want to be – this e-book helps you find and use the best Mac and iPad/iPhone applications for your genealogy research. Discover tips and tricks to make your Apple devices into genealogy research allies.

    Newly updated for 2021!
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