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3 Aug 2014

Free Online German-Language Newspapers

By |3 Aug 2014|Genealogy, German Genealogy, Newspapers, Search Strategies|0 Comments

Free online German-language newspapers published in the United States are invaluable resources for genealogists. If you're searching for ancestors from Germany, Austria, and Prussia who emigrated to America, 19th- and 20th-century German-language newspapers can hold [...]

22 Mar 2011

Chicago Genealogy: Chicago German-Language Newspapers

By |22 Mar 2011|Chicago Genealogy, Genealogy, German Genealogy, Newspapers|0 Comments

Chicago Genealogy: Chicago German-Language Newspapers are an invaluable source for German genealogical research in Chicago. Gottfried Hann's obituary I've been working on the list of research resources for finding German ancestors in [...]

7 Jul 2019

Mapping Newspapers at Chronicling America

By |7 Jul 2019|Databases, Newspapers, Search Strategies|5 Comments

Interested in mapping newspapers in Chronicling America collection? An interactive data visualization project at Stanford maps locations of historic newspapers in the Chronicling America collection. How cool is that? The International German Genealogy Conference [...]

29 May 2019

Chicago German-Language Newspaper Obituaries

By |29 May 2019|Chicago Genealogy, German Genealogy, Hann, Obituaries, Translation|4 Comments

These Chicago German-Language Newspaper Obituaries helped me break through my Austrian genealogy brick wall. Searching for an Austrian Birthplace Churchyard at the Ladis Catholic Church. Regular readers know how elusive Gottfried Hann, [...]

4 Jan 2015

Finding Historic Newspapers Online

By |4 Jan 2015|Digital Collections, Genealogy, Newspapers|0 Comments

Today's post is about finding historic newspapers online through the Rural West Initiative, a project of the Bill Lane Center for the American West at Stanford University. This project combines visuals and data to create an interactive map of the [...]

19 Aug 2014

Google News Archive for German Newspapers

By |19 Aug 2014|Genealogy, Newspapers, Obituaries, Translation|0 Comments

Today's guest post is about using the Google News Archive for German newspapers. German-language newspapers published in the U.S. can be important sources for obituaries and other information on German immigrant ancestors. My Germanic Genealogy teacher, Carolyn [...]

12 Jun 2011

Researching Your Chicago Ancestors From Afar

By |12 Jun 2011|Chicago Genealogy, Genealogy, German Genealogy, Norwegian Genealogy, Prussian Genealogy, Scottish Genealogy, Swedish Genealogy|0 Comments

Researching Your Chicago Ancestors from Afar is today's post. I've presented at Jamboree and other conferences on Chicago research, so I decided to gather the links to the Chicago genealogy research resources I've compiled [...]

24 Mar 2011

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Archives

By |24 Mar 2011|Archives, Chicago Genealogy, German Genealogy|1 Comment

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Archives contains links to resources for German-American ancestors in Chicago. For links to other Chicago German-American resources, click here. For links to all other Chicago resources, click here. [...]

5 Mar 2011

Chicago Genealogy Resources

By |5 Mar 2011|African American Genealogy, Chicago Genealogy, Digital Collections, German Genealogy, Immigration Records, Norwegian Genealogy, Prussian Genealogy, Scottish Genealogy, Swedish Genealogy|1 Comment

Chicago Genealogy Resources include links to digital collections and primary sources, organized by ethnicity, to find your Chicago ancestors and relatives. Chicago’s success as a vibrant city owes much to the incredible number of [...]

24 May 2019

Searching the U.S. Newspaper Directory

By |24 May 2019|German Genealogy, Newspapers, Research Tips, Search Strategies|0 Comments

Today's lets talk about searching the U.S. Newspaper Directory, 1690-Present. Chronicling America at the Library of Congress gets lots of good press from me and other genealogists. This resource provides access to digitized U.S. [...]

13 Jul 2018

Finding Austrian Ancestors in Ladis

By |13 Jul 2018|Austrian Genealogy, Genealogy Pilgrimage, Hann, Heritage Travel|0 Comments

This post is about finding Austrian ancestors in Ladis. Long-time readers here know (probably too much!) about my multi-year genealogical pilgrimage to visit the European villages of my immigrant great-grandparents. Each of the eight [...]

12 May 2017

Ancestry Shaking Leaf vs. Genealogy Brick Wall

By |12 May 2017|Church Records, German Genealogy, Search Strategies, Unusual Records|16 Comments

Ancestry shaking leaf vs. genealogy brick wall. Which is mightier? As it turns out, the Ancestry shaking leaf* is mightier than my ten-year-old Austrian brick wall. Now a leafy branch sprouts in its place [...]

20 Oct 2011

Anna Larsdotter Hann’s Swedish Portrait

By |20 Oct 2011|Family Photos & Records, Larsson, Swedish Genealogy, Treasure Chest Thursday|2 Comments

Anna Larsdotter Hann's Swedish portrait is my Treasure Chest Thursday post. This carte-de-viste photograph of my great-grandmother is one of my prized possessions. I suspect this portrait was taken just before she departed on 7 [...]

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