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17 Sep 2014

New England Congregational Church Records Discovered

By |17 Sep 2014|Church Records, New England Genealogy|0 Comments

New England Congregational Church Records discovered and are being gathered, transcribed, and digitized by the Congregational Church Library and Archives. New England's Hidden Histories: Colonial-Era Church Records are made available online by the Congregational Library, [...]

31 May 2017

Searching for Medad Curtis the Shaker

By |31 May 2017|Church Records, Curtis, Surnames, Unusual Records|1 Comment

Searching for Medad Curtis the Shaker took me down new research paths, including finding accounts of his daring rescue of Shaker founder Mother Ann Lee. Some sources said my husband's great-great-great-great grandfather Medad was a [...]

12 May 2017

Ancestry Shaking Leaf vs. Genealogy Brick Wall

By |12 May 2017|Church Records, German Genealogy, Search Strategies, Unusual Records|16 Comments

Ancestry shaking leaf vs. genealogy brick wall. Which is mightier? As it turns out, the Ancestry shaking leaf* is mightier than my ten-year-old Austrian brick wall. Now a leafy branch sprouts in its place [...]

13 Jan 2017

You Are in Whether or Not You Want to Be

By |13 Jan 2017|Databases, Genealogy|2 Comments

Right now, you are in whether or not you want to be. Information about you and other living family members has been aggregated and is available for free. From the Washington Post, an article [...]

30 May 2013

19th-Century Dutch Gravestones Reunite Couple

By |30 May 2013|Cemetery Records|Comments Off on 19th-Century Dutch Gravestones Reunite Couple

19th-Century Dutch gravestones reunite couple are featured on Tombstone Tuesday. These insanely cool 19th-century Dutch gravestones were the solution of a 19th-century couple of different religions. One was buried in a Protestant cemetery and the other [...]

22 Jul 2011

Searching for Bruno Kirschstein

By |22 Jul 2011|German Genealogy, Kirschstein, Prussian Genealogy, Search Strategies|12 Comments

My first Surname Saturday post is about searching for Bruno Kirschstein, my great-grandfather. My KIRSCHSTEIN line should be easy and it isn’t. Since the search has taken me down many paths, I thought I'd explore some [...]

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