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In 2010, I started Sassy Jane Genealogy to provide important genealogy services. Many things have changed about genealogy since I started my library career in 1977, except for my delight in helping people finding their ancestors.

My genealogy services include family history research and consultation, including compiling trees, charts, and books. And I greatly enjoy meeting other genealogists when presenting on research topics to genealogy groups, societies, and conferences.

I love hearing from readers  about topics you’d like to have addressed in future blog posts, guides and presentations.


With decades of experience with primary sources and genealogical research, Nancy Loe can help you get started on your family research or suggest new avenues to explore for those brick-wall ancestors.

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Nancy Loe is available for genealogy presentations, panels, and webinars. Suggest a subject your group would enjoy or choose a topic from my list of presentations using the link below.

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