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10 May 2011

Chicago Genealogy: Scottish Resources

Chicago Genealogy: Scottish Resources is today's list. Please note: This list is meant to include resources in addition to the ones found at the traditional genealogical sites like FamilySearch, Ancestry, Fold3, and the like. And the lists are by no means exhaustive, so if you know of other digital collections on Chicago and Illinois that you've found useful in your research, please let me know. Books Cory, Kathleen B. Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry. 3rd ed. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2004. Herber, Mark D. Ancestral Trails: The Complete Guide to British Genealogy and Family History. 2nd ed. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 2006. Reid, Judith P. Family Ties in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland: Sources for Genealogical Research. Washington: Library of Congress, 1998. Rethford, Wayne, and June Skinner Sawyers. The Scots of Chicago: Quiet Immigrants and Their New Society, 1997. Steward, Alan. Gathering the Clans: Tracing Scottish Ancestry on the Internet. Chichester. West Sussex, England: Phillimore, c. 2004. [...]

4 Apr 2011

Chicago Genealogy: Jewish Chicago Resources

Chicago Genealogy – Jewish Chicago Resources continues my series of posts on Chicago research  Some of the other pages I’ve put up for Polish resources and German resources may also be useful. For links to other Chicago resources, click here. Chicago Jewish Genealogy Web Site Mike Karsen’s site, Jewish Genealogy in Chicagoland, is an indispensable resource. In addition to vital and property records, Karsen highlights information about Jewish institutions including organizations, Jewish newspapers & periodicals, records, personal, and the "old" neighborhood. Karsen also has excellent sections on specific Chicago resources: Jewish cemeteries Jewish funeral home records Jewish records Print and Digital Resources 1918 Chicago Jewish Community Directory The Asher Library of the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, 618 S. Michigan Avenue (312-322-1749) has one of the best collections of Judaica in the Midwest, including the Chicago Jewish Archives, a collection of papers from individuals, families, Jewish organizations, and synagogues.  Encyclopedia of Chicago – “Jews of Chicago” Chicago Jewish Newspapers Illinois Newspaper [...]

24 Mar 2011

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Organizations, Books, and Archives

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Organizations, Books, and Archives contains information on organizations, special collections, and monographs that can help find your German-American ancestors in Chicago. For links to other Chicago German-American resources, click here. For links to all other Chicago resources, click here. Organizations Germanic Genealogy – The Newberry Library Leading genealogical library with extensive German Chicago resources. The Newberry also provides a list of contract researchers who can pursue detailed requests in Chicago resources. DANK Haus German American Cultural Center The DANK Chicago Library contains numerous German and German-American volumes, including works no longer available Germany. This unparalleled collection is an asset to the German-American Community as a whole. DANK Chicago is working to catalog these valuable books, creating a welcoming environment for scholars and students to benefit from our Library. […]

23 Mar 2011

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Church Records and Cemeteries

Chicago Genealogy: German-American Church Records and Cemeteries My series on Chicago resources for your German-American ancestors continues with Chicago Genealogy: German-American Church Records and Cemeteries. For a list of other posts on Chicago German-American genealogy resources, click here. For links to other Chicago resources, click here. 1. Major Christian German-American Denominations Your research may already have pointed you to a specific denomination for your ancestors’ church records. For an overview of how major Christian German-American denominations evolved, visit: 2. Lutheran Churches in Chicago Cook County marriage records generally note officiants. You can use that information to find church records for those marriage and subsequent births of children. Click here for a case study on using Cook County marriage records for more information. To check if a Lutheran church is still active in Chicago, visit these databases: 1. The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) Congregation Locator (2,418,000 members and 6,155 churches). In addition, Thrivent [...]