Simplifying Genealogy Sources & Citations

This Sassy Jane Guide helps you create simple and effective sources and citations for your family history research. Learn how to link your citations to your paper and digital records, and how create a source once and then cite it as needed.

simplifying genealogy sources sassy jane genealogy
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Simplifying Genealogy Sources and Citations helps you bring order to the resources used in your family history research.

Simplifying Genealogy Sources and Citations includes examples for census, parish records, books, websites, websites with static URLs, paper records with multiple pages, and the work of other genealogists.

We have all probably had the frustrating experience of asking a relative or a fellow researcher to supply sources and citations for their information and the unfortunate answer is that they “just know” or the information is “around” or “hard to get to.” With this Sassy Jane Guide, you will have confidence that your sources and citations preserve the results of your research efforts, linking directly to resources and digitized images.

Simplifying Genealogy Sources and Citations is available as a 40-page PDF for $4.99 and has four sections:

  • Elements of sources and elements of citations
  • Create accurate sources and citations in your family tree software
  • Link paper and digital records
  • Retrieve online, digital, and/or paper records easily when needed