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Sassy Jane Genealogy

sassy jane genealogyWelcome to Sassy Jane Genealogy. My name is Nancy Loe. I’m eager to help you turn lives into legacies for your family.

I’m a professional librarian, archivist, and genealogist. During my career, I’ve assisted hundreds of people with their family research in the United States, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Germany, and Prussia (Poland)

This site is where I invite genealogists just like you to read my blog, monthly newsletter, and ebooks.

Need a genealogy speaker for your group? Choose from a dozen different family history presentations of mine for webinars, meetings, and seminars.

If you would like to know more about your family history, I also offer genealogy research services. Perhaps you need research and design of a family history book? Or you might be at a brick wall and in need some new search strategies.

Sassy Jane Genealogy is ready to help you with your US and European genealogy research. And here’s the back story about that Sassy Jane name.