About Nancy Loe & Sassy Jane Genealogy


Loe: Norwegian habitational name from any of several farms named Lo, from Old Norse Ló, of uncertain etymology” 

My name is Nancy Loe. I’m an archivist, librarian, and genealogist – and I’m happy to say I found exactly where my Loe ancestors were from in Norway. In 2010, I started Sassy Jane Genealogy. The name comes from a 1920s print advertisement for Sassy Jane Rayon Frocks, combining my love for vintage ephemera and genealogy research.

I hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in American History and a Master’s in Library Science with a specialization in archives administration. Because I studied in Washington, DC, I was fortunate to be able to intern at the Smithsonian Institution.

My first real job right out of library school was Head of Local History and Genealogy at the Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs, just as Alex Haley’s Roots was making genealogy extremely popular, so we were very busy.

A lot has changed about genealogy since then, except for my delight in helping people finding their ancestors.

The Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides provide simple, practical, and effective ways to research, cite, organize, and maintain your family tree. I’ve written the guides to provide genealogists with the best practices of archivists and historians, simplifying the parts of genealogy that seem so complicated they can bog down your research. Organizing genealogical researchciting family history sources, and cataloging digital family photographs and records are the most popular Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides.

In addition to appearing on PBS’s American Experience and California Gold, I’ve presented at RootsTech, Jamboree, and state, regional, and local genealogy societies. Organizing genealogical research using archival principles is my favorite topic, and a full list of my presentations is available here.

When I’m not working on trees for my clients, I enjoy making progress on my own family history (Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Austria, Prussia, South Africa, and New Zealand) and my husband’s (New England, the Midwest and Plains states, and Great Britain).

And when I’m not seeing dead people, I enjoy getting away from the phosphorescent glow of my monitor and actually going outside into the garden, where I exert myself watching my husband cultivating fruit, vegetables, and flowers. I’m very fond of reading, Turner Classic Movies, reading, dinner parties, reading, wine tastings, reading, travel, reading, movies, reading, and chocolate. And reading – can’t forget that.

With decades of experience with primary sources and genealogical research, I can help you get started on your family research or suggest new avenues to explore for those brick-wall ancestors. Contact me here.

And I always cite my sources. In this case: Dictionary of American Family Names, New York: Oxford University Press, 2003, p. 452.