24 May 2017

Cal Poly World War II Honor Roll

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This post about the Cal Poly World War II Honor Roll is part of genealogist Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project for Memorial Day 2017. For the Honor Roll Project, volunteers are taking photos of war memorials and honor rolls, posting them on their genealogy blogs and websites, and transcribing [...]

23 May 2017

Researching Irish Immigrant Girls

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Are you researching Irish immigrant girls in your family tree? Try the Watson House Digital Archives for more information on Irish immigrant girls who arrived in New York. Between 1856 and 1921, 3.6 million emigrants left Ireland for North America. Most of them were women who were single and younger than [...]

19 May 2017

Is There an Elmer Ellsworth in Your Family Tree?

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If he was born after 1861, your ancestor was named for Union officer Elmer Ellsworth (1837-1861). At the age of 24, as commander of the 11th New York Volunteers, also known as the First Fire Zouaves, Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth became the first Union officer killed in the Civil War. Ellsworth [...]

12 May 2017

Ancestry Shaking Leaf vs. Genealogy Brick Wall

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Ancestry Shaking Leaf vs. Genealogy Brick Wall. Which is mightier? The Ancestry shaking leaf is mightier than my brick wall. I didn’t realize it, but for nearly a decade, my Austrian research has been complicated by looking for a “vagabond" family. With one Ancestry shaking leaf, that ten-year-old Austrian brick [...]