Beyond Ancestry: Essential Genealogy Research Portals

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Beyond Ancestry: Essential Genealogy Research Portals eBook opens a whole new world of genealogy research resources.  Links are included for online archives, books, maps, and newspapers – and they’re all free!

Discover new primary sources for your online genealogy research in the US, Canada, and Europe. The resources in this Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook can help you break down those genealogy brick walls.


Beyond Ancestry: Essential Genealogy Research Portals

Discover new resources for your family history research with Beyond Ancestry: Essential Genealogy Research Portals. Portals are specially designed websites, bringing together information from many institutions in one search interface. And best of all, the research portals created by librarians and archivists are nearly always free.

Venture beyond the walled gardens of subscription genealogy websites. Discover the whole wide world of genealogy research portals that await the family historian who knows where to look.

These resources span the globe, including countries/languages to advance your international research. Learn ways to find the best portals in the United States, Canada, Europe, and worldwide. Then discover search strategies to help you get the most out of the new resources you’ve found.

  • Find items from archives, libraries, museums, and universities
  • Use one search interface for many collections
  • Access digital primary and secondary sources
  • Explore resources around the world
  • Locate physical collections

Inside this Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook

  1. Beyond_Ancestry_Essential_Genealogy_Research_Portals_DPLA

    Research portals streamline genealogy research, making it possible to search many repositories at once.

    What are Research Portals?

  2. Finding Genealogy Research Portals

  3. Essential Genealogy Research Portals by Type
    –Archives and Manuscript Portals
    –Book and Digital Library Portals
    –Map Portals
    –Newspapers Portals in the US and Worldwide
    –Portals for Genealogy

1 review for Beyond Ancestry: Essential Genealogy Research Portals

  1. Steve Schell

    I purchased the book recently and read it immediately. I can see that it provides many, many possible avenues of research that I have never contemplated, mostly because I was not aware of many. Having the links to these resources right in the ebook is so helpful. The value to be gotten from this book far exceeds its inexpensive cost.

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