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Are you looking for a genealogy speaker? Genealogy presentations and webinars by Nancy E. Loe provide expert guidance on US and European research and records. As professional archivist, Nancy also shares her expertise with genealogists who are organizing and caring for digital and vintage family records.

In addition to appearing on PBS’s American Experience and California’s Gold, Nancy has presented in a fun and engaging way for all skill levels. Her venues include the National Genealogical Society, RootsTech, Legacy Family Tree Webinars, Jamboree, and numerous state, regional, and local genealogy conferences in the US, Canada, and Australia.

To learn more, visit Nancy’s profile at the Genealogical Speakers Guild.

Ask Nancy About Genealogy Presentations For Your Group


Your style is gentle, comprehensive, informative, and sincere.

LCJ, Minnesota, Your Content Goes Here

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge – you helped me get on the right path for my photo project!”

J.L., California

“Without your ebook, I don’t believe I would have even started my project. So glad I heard you at N.G.S.”

Loved It!, USA

“Certainly had credentials, engaged the audience, very witty, handled questions well.”

G.P., Rootstech

“Amazing talk and ebook! Very good insights on how to organize all my records.”

J.M., Colorado

“Best class I took. Content spot on for a true beginner – how to start out organized and not pull your hair out.”

RootsSeeker, California

“Thank you very much. yours is the first system that makes sense to me and i can see myself using it.”

lm, San Diego

“Clear information; clear presentation. My favorite class.”

Lorraine, Minnesota

We have had a number of excellent national presenters this year. At least three of the board members agreed that you were their favorite presenter we’ve had all year and they urged me to try to schedule you for a different topic next year!

B.G., Minnesota

“Excellent information on archives. I didn’t know about portals until now!”

J.M.S., Sacramento

“Practical, clear, engaging. A+”

Genealogist, Salt Lake City

“Resource links very helpful.”

Susan, San Diego

“She was very informative and organized in her presentation.”

D.S., Ventura County

“Very knowledgeable about the subject. Gave me great suggestion. Enjoyed it a lot.”

Genie, Florida

“Well-organized presentation full of new sources and great handout.”

Barbara, Wisconsin

A top 10 presenter.

A,C,, International German Genealogy Conference

“WOW! Nancy, you’ve done it again! I just dowloaded and read your latest ebook on search portals. What a great resource to have. Can’t wait for the presentation.”

S.S., ebook!

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed your presentation yesterday.  I don’t fear the deep web….I just forget to go diving there!  Very valuable program.

M.H. , Santa Barbara

I had the pleasure of attending your session recently at RootsTech and was so happy I chose your session. Thank you so much for making your ebook [available]. I was able to read through it on my train trip home and I was so impressed. I will definitely be checking out your other publications.

Steve in Iowa

Genealogy Presentations & Webinars

genealogy presentation ten skills every genealogist needs sassy jane loe

Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs

  • Build search skills for US and international records
  • Alter search strategies to improve results
  • Manage research records you’ve found
  • Enter data consistently for better trees and reports
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genealogy presentations genealogy speaker beyond ancestry essential portals for genealogy research sassy jane loe

Beyond Ancestry: Essential Portals for Genealogy Research

  • Find records in archives, libraries, and universities
  • Locate archival repositories online
  • Find state, US, and international genealogy resources
  • Request archival materials in person or remotely
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cataloging digital family photos and records genealogy presentation sassy jane loe

Picture This: Cataloging Digital Family Photos

  • Scanning workflow for photos
  • Downloading and saving records
  • Adding information inside images
  • Retrieving cataloged digital images
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genealogy presentation discovering european immigrant ancestors sassy jane loe

Discovering European Immigrant Ancestors

  • Leaving the Old World for the New
  • Arriving in port & staying in America
  • Finding migration records in US & Europe
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genealogy presentation think like an archivist finding genealogy records in libraries and archives sassy jane loe

Think Like an Archivist: Finding Genealogy Records in Library & Archives

  • Using archival records & repositories
  • Finding aids for genealogists
  • Finding genealogy records in archives
  • Requesting archival materials
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genealogy presentation organize like an archivist sassy jane loe

Organize Like an Archivist: Taming Genealogy Records and Research

  • File-naming rules
  • Six-folder digital filing system
  • Linking digital and paper records
  • Retrieving records on demand
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genealogy presentation research ancestral locations in prussia sassy jane loe

Researching Ancestral Locations in Prussia

  • German? Prussian? Or Both?
  • Six Eastern Provinces of Prussia
  • Online resources for Prussian place name research
  • Prussian genealogy research toolkit
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genealogy presentation finding scottish ancestors online sassy jane loe

Finding Scottish Ancestors Online

  • Researching Scottish immigrant ancestors
  • Finding Scottish records
  • Scottish place name research
  • Additional resources for Scotland
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