Genealogy Presentations, Workshops & Webinars

Nancy is available to speak at local and regional meetings, and state and national conferences.

  • Webinars

  • Live presentations

  • Day-long workshops

  • Conference panels

An archivist, librarian, and genealogist for more that three decades, Nancy has presented at Rootstech, Jamboree, and state and local conferences. Read more about Nancy’s qualifications here.


  • Researching – finding U.S. and European ancestors in their native countries

  • Organizing – simple and effective ways to save, catalog & cite genealogy research records & family photographs


“Thank you for sharing your knowledge – you helped me get on the right path for my photo project!”
J.L., California
“Without your ebook, I don’t believe I would have even started my project.”
Loved It!, USA

“Certainly had credentials, engaged the audience, very witty, handled questions well.”

G.P., Rootstech

“Amazing guide. Very good insights on how to organize all my records.”

J.M., Colorado
“Best class I took. Content spot on for a true beginner – how to start out organized and not pull your hair out.”
RootsSeeker, California

“Nancy is an outstanding presenter.”

“Clear information; clear presentation. My favorite class.”
Thanks!, Arizona
“Excellent information on managing information.”
Excellent Information, Sacramento
“Practical, clear, engaging. A+”
Practical, Salt Lake City
“Resource links very helpful.”
Very Helpful, San Diego
“She was very informative and organized in her presentation.”
Very Informative, Ventura County
“Very knowledgeable about the subject. Gave me great suggestion. Enjoyed it a lot.”
Very Knowledgeable, Colorado
“Well-organized presentation full of helpful information with a quality syllabus.”
Very Knowledgeable, Santa Barbara

“I attended your seminars at the 2010 California Family History Expo in Pleasanton, CA. You were a dynamic and engaging speaker!”

J.M., 2010 California Family History Expo



  • RootsTech 2013, 2014, Salt Lake City
  • Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Illinois State Genealogical Society Fall Conference, 2013
  • Pikes Peak Genealogical Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Sacramento Public Library
  • Family History Expo (Arizona and California)
  • Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society
  • Ventura County Genealogical Society
  • Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego
  • San Diego County Genealogical Society
  • San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society


Central Coast, California, USA