Cataloging Digital Family Photographs

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Cataloging Digital Family Photographs brings order to your family photographs and records, making every image you own searchable.

Family photographs may seem so complex that they defy organizing. With this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide, you can tame your digital family photographs and records once and for all.

Discover the best way to scan image and records once and do it right; how to add names, dates, and places inside images; and how to store and safeguard your digital family photographs. This step-by-step guide also works for documents with multiple surnames.


Cataloging Digital Family Photographs is a step-by-step guide to scan, caption, organize, store, and safeguard your digital family photographs and records. This Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide helps you create a workflow so you can catalog your family photos once and for all.

Cataloging Digital Family Photographs

Learn how to add date, location, and multiple surnames to a digital photograph.

After scanning and adding information to your images, learn how to organize and safeguard your family photographs on your computer. Then, with consistent data entry, you can find any digital family photograph or record in your collection with simple, consistent searches of your hard drive.

Family photographs may seem so complex that they defy organizing. With this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide, you can strip away unnecessary tech jargon. Set up an effective process, from scanning and adding information to organizing, filing, and safeguarding your digital family photographs, so you can do it once and do it right.

Cataloging Digital Family Photographs also works for scanned documents. Records with multiple names and points of information, such as wills and property deeds, can also be captioned, organized and retrieved on demand using metadata explained in this e-book.

Cataloging Digital Family Photographs and Records is a 38-page PDF with four sections:

Technology Terms

Scanning and Downloading Photographs & Records

Adding Information to Digital Images

Organizing and Backing Up Digital Family Files

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