Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs

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Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs ebook helps you master essential genealogy skills so you can search smart and find more ancestors. 

Now revised and updated for 2023!

In this Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook, you’ll find new records by searching the “Deep Web.” Find geographic locations past and present, read old English handwriting, and translate international records to English.

Information management skills help you scan photos and records once. Then earn how to insert information inside digital images. Enter data in your tree and name digital files consistently to organize your work. 


Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs helps you discover new resources, extract more information from records, and stay organized to help your family tree flourish. 

Have you:

  • Encountered handwriting you couldn’t read in a record?
  • Been unsure where to find a particular type of record?
  • Scanned a photograph more than once but can’t find the digital image when you need it?
  • Tried to cite a record but your software says the URL is too long?
  • Been uncertain about a record that seems like a primary and a secondary source?
  • Found a census record says Austria and the next census lists Bohemia for a birthplace?

Don’t worry – we’ve all been there! And this Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook can help.

Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs

Learn to search the Deep Web safely for new genealogy records.

Get help translating records and reading old handwriting. Learn how to safely search the Deep Web for genealogy sites and records. Scan photos and records once and insert captions, names and places inside digital images. Enter data and name digital files consistently to organize your work.

Inside Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs ebook:

Five Research Skills

  1. Searching the Deep Web
  2. Deciphering Old English Handwriting (Paleography)
  3. Translating Records from Other Languages
  4. Mapping Locations Past and Present
  5. Mastering Genealogy Terminology

Five Information Management Skills

  1. Managing Information Consistently
  2. Scanning Photographs & Records
  3. Cataloging Digital Photographs
  4. Shortening URLs
  5. Using GEDCOM Files

2 reviews for Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs

  1. Katherine R. Willson

    I’ve been recommending this fantastic guide to all of my genealogy students, regardless of their experience levels, and am especially grateful for the author’s decision to include paleography and document translation in the guide. These are areas often overlooked by beginning and intermediate researchers, and the links provided will assist any genealogist wishing to expand their skills in these, and many other areas. Kudos to Ms. Loe for another fantastic book!

  2. Frane (verified owner)

    There is so much valuable information in this guide. It is so much more than the title suggests. Not only will it be a huge help to beginners, wished I had this when I began, but great for seasoned genealogy researchers as well, especially helpful in trying to resolve a “brick wall” using the lengthy list of sites one might search.

    It provides so many direct links, along with a description, all in one guide to assist you in your research, many you might not have known about or thought about. This guide will save you time and money by explaining terminology used in genealogy and clarifying and simplifying record management thereby eliminating mistakes and making it easier to search your records in the future. I would recommend this to everyone as a great resource for research and guidelines on maintaining your records. Money well spent on this guide.

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