Successful Genealogy Sources and Citations


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With help from Successful Genealogy Sources and Citations, you can create simple and effective paths to your genealogy records. And then easily find those records again when needed.

Now revised and expanded for 2023!

Discover the differences between sources and citations. Learn how to cite US and international records. Find simple ways to link your citations to your paper and digital records.

Streamline your family history research with the Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook Successful Genealogy Sources and Citations.


Get help with Successful Genealogy Sources and Citations, so you always know where you found your genealogy records. With this Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook, you’ll be confident that your sources and citations preserve the results of your research efforts.  Get help with:

  • Determining the difference between sources and citations
  • Creating simple and effective sources and citations in your family tree software
  • Linking your citations to your paper and digital records
  • Retrieving your online, digital, and/or paper records easily when needed
Get help with Successful Sources and Citations ebook

Get to know your sources and citations.

Even if your family tree software or online tree application creates sources and citations for you automatically, your research will benefit when you known how to create sources and citations yourself.

Successful Genealogy Sources and Citations includes examples for census, religious and civil records, books, websites, websites with static URLs, paper records with multiple pages, and the work of other genealogists.

We have all probably had the frustrating experience of asking a relative or a fellow researcher to supply sources and citations for their information and the unfortunate answer is that they “just know” or the information is “around” or “hard to get to.”

Professional historians have cited primary and secondary sources in their work for a very long time, making their source and citation practices useful to consider when citing your genealogy research. This guide helps you understand and use existing citation systems from leading historians and genealogists.

Successful Genealogy Sources and Citations

  • Creating Successful Sources and Citations
  • Elements of Sources
  • Elements of Citations
  • Examples of Sources and Citations
    • US and International Census Records
    • European Parish Records
    • Books and eBooks
    • Web Sites
    • Web Sites with Static URLs
    • Paper Records
    • Paper Records with Multiple Pages
    • Citing the Work of Other Genealogists
    • Creating Your Own Sources and Citations

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2 reviews for Successful Genealogy Sources and Citations

  1. Debbie Hilliard

    I have been frustrated with these two terms for all of my 25 years of research. I highly recommend this book to simplify and de-mystify sources and citations. I no longer procrastinate this part of my research. Sassy Jane’s eBook Organizing Genealogical Research Using Archival Principles is also very beneficial in all areas of organizing your research and digital files. These two books work well together in getting your research and digital files in good order.

  2. Nancy Loe

    M.J. writes, “Without your ebook, I don’t believe I would have even started my project.”

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