The Organizing Genealogy Research Using Archival Principles guide from Sassy Jane Genealogy helps you put your family history research in order with simple and effective strategies.

Based on my career as professional archivist, where I arranged, filed, organized, and retrieved lots and lots and lots of primary sources, the Organizing Genealogy Research guide is straightforward and simple. When I present on this topic, as I did today at the Sacramento Public Library, it’s always popular because finding and retrieving all those family history resources can be a thorny issue.

But with my system there is no need for color codes, numbering systems, or other complicated schemes that take time away from what you really want to be doing, which is finding more ancestors.

A retrieval system—a way of locating what you own on demand—is essential. Naming and organizing digital files for quick retrieval, file folder structure, and linking paper and digital records are all ways to find your documents when you need them.

So I’ve put together Organizing Genealogy Research Using Archival Principles. It’s a 39-page PDF that you can download and print. It covers in detail the ideas and solutions from my presentations, including file folder structure, file-naming conventions, and consistent data entry.