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Finding Scottish Ancestors Online


Finding Scottish Ancestors Online helps you use leading websites and lesser-known databases for Scottish research, featuring search strategies for finding parish records, civil registrations, marriages, wills, tax lists, property assessments, burial registers, and other records.

You’ll also find resources for Scottish place names and geographical location research, and discover supporting resources, including help with Scottish handwriting, clans and tartans, and tutorials to advance your skills with Scottish records.


Finding Scottish Ancestors Online

Want to know more about your Scottish ancestors?

Finding Scottish Ancestors Online helps you find elusive ancestors, featuring search strategies for familiar and lesser-known Scots resources.

Many Scottish records are indexed and digitized, making them fun and illuminating to use.

With this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide, you’ll add new research skills, use essential resources effectively, and discover hidden resources to help your Scottish family tree flourish.

Discover the best ways to search records in Scotland and where to find supporting resources, including help locating place names, deciphering Scottish handwriting, and researching clans and tartans.

Researching your Scottish immigrant ancestor(s) is covered in chapter one, with search strategies for discovering U.S. and Scottish migration records and direct links to online resources.

The second chapter has 15 pages of links to free and pay sites for digitized Scottish records, including births, marriages, and deaths in parishes; civil registrations; wills; property records; census; tax rolls; burial registers and more.

Finding Scottish Ancestors

You’ll be doing the Scottish Genealogy Happy Dance with this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide.

Finding locations where your Scots ancestors lived is very important, so chapter three provides links to county and parish information. Documenting how names and boundaries of specific areas may have changed over time are also covered.

The fourth chapter includes direct links to books, maps, tutorials, DNA information. Records documenting emigration from Scotland to other countries, including Ulster, Ireland; Canada; Australia; and New Zealand are also included. Deciphering handwriting in older Scottish records; resources for surnames, clans, and tartans; and other supporting resources are also listed.

Finding Scottish Ancestors Online is a 82-page full-color PDF download with four sections:

Researching Scottish Immigrant Ancestors

Using Scottish Records & Search Strategies

Location/Place Name Research

Supporting Resources

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