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Organizing Genealogy Research


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Organizing genealogy research is essential to preserve your hard work.

• Can’t find the records you know you have?
• Lost in a sea of digital files, photographs & paper?
• Need to organize new records you’re finding?
• Searching for a better way to organize your work?

Organizing Genealogy Research Using Archival Principles helps you put your family history research in order. Discover effective step-by-step strategies to organize and link your digital files and paper records. No need for color codes, numbering systems, or other complicated schemes with this archives-based system.


Organizing Genealogy Research Using Archival Principles is a step-by-step guide to managing your genealogy records, using six digital folders. Learn how to name and organize digital files for quick retrieval, link paper and digital records, and tame your genealogy research.

Using Consistent Data Entry and File Naming

Creating the Six-Folder Digital Filing System

  • Filing Paper Records

  • Linking Digital and Paper Records in Citations


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    4 reviews for Organizing Genealogy Research

    1. kurt.krueckeberg (verified owner)

      This guide is very succinct and pracitcal. Just what I was looking for, and it gave me a lot of confidence–since the author is an expert–that I could actually organize all that I have in a really useful way.

    2. Debbie Hilliard

      This book has been a blessing to re-organizing all of the digital files on my computer and software program. I have been researching for over 25 years and have a lot of digital research material to re-organize but it will be worth it. The methods in this book are easy to understand, simply file names, and quick to implement. It is quicker and easier to search for and manage files and photographs. I also purchased Simplifying Genealogy Sources and Citations and Cataloging Digital Family Photographs – all help simplify digital files.

    3. Steve Schell (verified owner)

      I attended Nancy’s RootsTech 2018 presentation based upon this ebook. I knew half way through the session that this method of organizing was exactly what I was looking for. The ebook is well-written and easy to understand. The organization that she proposes is simple yet very powerful.

    4. Nancy Loe

      Patty in California writes, “Amazing guide. Very good insights on how to organize all my records.”

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