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Starting Your Family Tree


Starting Your Family Tree: Tips & Tricks from a Genealogy Librarian helps you get off on the right foot with your genealogy research.

Learn about different kinds of genealogy records and where to find them. Choose the best family tree software for your needs. Discover essential free and commercial genealogy websites. Learn how to search online, and then record and add sources to your family tree.

Discover the essentials you need to get your family history research off to the right start. Your desire to find out more about your ancestors is the beginning of a great adventure!


starting your family tree family history research imageStarting Your Family Tree: Tips & Tricks from a Genealogy Librarian helps you get a great start on your family history research. Whether you are just starting out or need to clean up your tree, this Sassy Jane ebook can help.

The tips and tricks in this Sassy Jane ebook help new and intermediate genealogists find their ancestors in essential online sites. If you’re helping a friend or family member get started, this ebook is a great gift.

Learn about entering information into family trees and recording sources. Avoid duplicate searching and losing information with this step-by-step guide.

Topics in This Sassy Jane eBook

Are you brand new to genealogy research? Or would you like to clean up the work you’ve done so far? This Sassy Jane ebook covers the essentials and more. With this ebook, you will:

  • Gather your family history for the next generations of your family
  • Get started searching leading genealogy websites
  • Satisfy your curiosity about family stories and legends
  • Choose and use the right family tree software for you
  • Find essential free and commercial genealogy websites and repositories
  • Discover where to find different kinds of genealogy records
  • Search for your ancestors effectively
  • Organize and cite your research

Benefits of Starting Your Family Tree

In addition to the personal insights you’ll gain, as a genealogist you’ll learn about history, languages, geography, ethnicity and culture, and everyday life in the past. As the family historian, you’ll also sharpen skills related to critical thinking and problem-solving. I can’t think of another interest that spans so many areas.

Inside This eBook

Sassy Jane’s Guide Starting Your Family Tree is a 46-page full-color PDF download with six sections:

  • First Steps
  • Choosing Family Tree Software
  • Finding Genealogy Records
  • Using Genealogy Websites & Repositories
  • Learning Terminology
  • Ten Tips for Your Family Tree

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