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Sassy Jane Genealogy eBooks streamline your genealogy research.

Organizing eBooks provide simple and effective ways to
research, cite, and organize family tree records and photographs.

Research eBooks offer specific ways to search for European immigrant
ancestors, tracing families back multiple generations in their native countries.

  • Digital Archives for Genealogy Research helps researchers find original records in US and international archives. Whether you had famous ancestors or not, a rich variety of genealogical primary sources in archives are waiting to be found for your family history research.

    You'll discover and use online archival portals and finding aids, essential tools to locate hidden genealogical gems in archives. Direct links to digital archives in all 50 states and around the world are included. Search using archival terminology, download records, request records online, or prepare for an in-person visit with the information in Digital Archives for Genealogy Research. This Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook includes step-by-step information to successfully search digital archives.
  • Discovering Immigrant Ancestors Chap 1 Discovering Immigrant Ancestors

    Discovering Immigrant Ancestors


    Discovering Immigrant Ancestors contains 25 pages of direct links for 19th- and 20th-century European immigration records through all U.S. ports. Links to resources for migration records, both essential and lesser-known, are also included in this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide.

    Find and follow in the footsteps of European immigrant ancestors, who arrived in the second and third waves of immigration to the U.S. between 1865 and 1920. What did your ancestors experience as they left their homes and sailed to America?

  • Finding Scottish Ancestors Online at Dunnottar Finding Scottish Ancestors Online

    Finding Scottish Ancestors Online helps you use leading websites and lesser-known databases for Scottish research, featuring search strategies for finding parish records, civil registrations, marriages, wills, tax lists, property assessments, burial registers, and other records.

    You'll also find resources for Scottish place names and geographical location research, and discover supporting resources, including help with Scottish handwriting, clans and tartans, and tutorials to advance your skills with Scottish records.

  • Prussian Place Name Research explores German and Prussian gazetteers, maps, databases, and records for  German-speaking ancestors from Prussia (Brandenburg, East Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, Silesia, West Prussia).

    Discover where your Prussian ancestors lived, and what place names are in use today. Once you have your geographic bearings in Prussia, primary and secondary sources are easier to find with this Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook.

  • Simplifying Sources and Citations simplifying genealogy sources and citations

    Simplifying Genealogy Sources and Citations helps you cite your research so you always know where you found your genealogy records.

    Discover the differences between sources and citations. Learn how to link your citations to your paper and digital records. Then you can create a source once and then cite it as needed, avoiding duplication.

    With this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide, you can create simple and effective sources and citations for your family history research.

  • using macs and ipads table of contents Using Macs and iPads for Genealogy

    Using Macs and iPads for Genealogy helps you master essential and hidden features of Macs, iPads, and iPhones for your family history research.

    If you're a Mac genealogist – or want to be – this e-book helps you find and use the best Mac and iPad/iPhone applications for your genealogy research. Discover tips and tricks to make your Apple devices into genealogy research allies.

    Newly updated for 2021!
  • Essential Portals for Genealogy Research

    Find new resources for your brick-wall ancestors with Essential Portals for Genealogy Research.

    With the direct links and search strategies in this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide, you'll find United States and international portals for digital archives, newspapers, maps, and other primary sources for your genealogy research.

  • Cataloging Family Photographs Cataloging Digital Family Photographs

    Cataloging Digital Family Photographs


    Cataloging Digital Family Photographs brings order to your family photographs and records, making every image you own searchable.

    Family photographs may seem so complex that they defy organizing. With this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide, you can tame your digital family photographs and records once and for all.

    Discover the best way to scan images and records; how to add names, dates, and places inside images; and how to store and safeguard your digital family photographs. This step-by-step guide also works for documents with multiple surnames.

  • Organizing Genealogy Research Organizing Genealogy Research

    Organizing Genealogy Research


    Organizing genealogy research is essential to preserve your hard work.

    • Can’t find the records you know you have? • Lost in a sea of digital files, photographs & paper? • Need to organize new records you're finding? • Searching for a better way to organize your work?

    Organizing Genealogy Research Using Archival Principles helps you put your family history research in order. Discover effective step-by-step strategies to organize and link your digital files and paper records. No need for color codes, numbering systems, or other complicated schemes with this archives-based system.

  • Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs

    Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs


    Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs helps you master essential elements of genealogy research and information management.

    With this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide, you'll find new records by searching the "Deep Web," pinpoint geographic locations past and present, read old handwriting, and translate records to English.

    Information management skills help you scan photos and records once. Learn how to insert information inside digital images. Enter data in your tree and name digital files consistently to organize your work. 

  • beginning genealogy Beginning Genealogy: Starting Your Family Tree

    Beginning Genealogy: Starting Your Family Tree helps you get the right start on your family research. Choose the best family tree software, learn about different kinds of genealogy records, search leading genealogy websites effectively, record your information, and organize your work as you go. Whether you are just starting out or need to clean up your tree, this Sassy Jane guide can help.

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