14 Oct 2014

Library of Congress Wants Your Family Halloween Photos

The Library of Congress wants your family Halloween photos from 2014. Are you photographing hayrides, haunted houses, parades, or trick-or-treating this year with adorable children and grandchildren? The Library of Congress wants you! (And I hope someday the American Folklife Center (AFC) will want vintage family photographs of Halloween like the one above.)

Library of Congress Wants Your Family Halloween PhotosThe AFC at the Library of Congress invites Americans participating in holidays at the end of October and early November – Halloween, All Souls Day, All Saints Day, Dia de los Muertos – to photograph hayrides, haunted houses, parades, trick-or-treating and other celebratory and commemorative activities to contribute to a new collection documenting contemporary folklife.

Between 22 October and 5 November, the American Folklife Center invites people to document in photographs how holiday celebrations are experienced by friends, family, and community, and post photos […]

14 Feb 2014

First Valentine and Some English Genealogy Redux

Today’s First Valentine and Some English Genealogy Redux is a repost from 2011 because – I admit it – I’m still catching up from being in Salt Lake City for a week. Part of a British Library exhibition on the evolution of the English language, the first known valentine is a love letter from a young woman to her fiancé. For the first time, the descendants of Margery Brews and her betrothed John Paston have been found through genealogy research. It’s a great article.

And for my readers from Sassy Jane, here’s a librarian Valentine just for you:

sassy jane genealogy first valentine and english genealogy


1 Jan 2014

Ein glückliches neues Jahr

Ein glückliches neues Jahr to all my readers and fellow genealogists. Just back from an unexpected and delightful trip along the Rhine with my husband to the Christmas Markets. My first trip to Germany was wonderful and I am determined to go back very soon, especially since our trip was not near my ancestral villages. That, and I need want more feuerwurst.

The very best to you in the coming year.

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24 Dec 2013

40 Years of Christmas Eves

From Retronaut:

From 1900 to 1945 Anna and Richard Wagner had a photograph taken of themselves in their front room every Christmas Eve, and they sent the picture as a Christmas Card to their friends.

Don’t we wish we had sets like this of our great-grandparents? Here’s the first photo in the series, when the Wagners were newlyweds in 1900.

40 Christmas Sassy Jane Genealogy