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18 Oct 2017

National Archives Genealogy Fair 2017

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The fifth virtual National Archives Genealogy Fair 2017 is scheduled for October 25. Tips and techniques for using Federal records at the National Archives for genealogy research are featured. Lectures are designed for family historians from beginners to experienced. Viewers can participate with the presenters and other family historians during [...]

5 Oct 2017

Choosing the Best DNA Tests for Genealogy

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Confused about choosing the best DNA tests for genealogy? Mark Orwig at has a good overview of the major companies providing genetic genealogy tests in his article, "Best DNA Tests for 2017." The big five, FamilyTreeDNA, Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23andme, LivingDNA, and National Geographic are included, along with these categories [...]

4 May 2017

Caring for Scrapbook Family Photographs

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Are you caring for scrapbook family photographs? Do your scrapbook family photographs look like the one above? Here are some solutions from an archivist-genealogist. During #AskAnArchivist Day, Missy asked: I've been given large portions of my grandmother's photographic/scrapbook collection and also her eldest brother's. Some of the photos from [...]