25 Oct 2016

National Archives Genealogy Fair 2016

Tomorrow and Thursday the National Archives Genealogy Fair 2016 is available on YouTube.

This free two-day online fair offers viewers the opportunity to participate with the presenters and other family historians during the live event on YouTube. All of the session videos and handouts will be available from this web page free of charge. You can watch the sessions and download the materials at your convenience. Registration is not required.

WHEN: October 26 and 27, starting daily at 10 a.m. EDT [7 a.m. PDT ouch!]

WHO: Experts on genealogy-related records from National Archives’ facilities nationwide.

WHERE: Anywhere! The Fair will be video streamed on the US National Archives’ YouTube channel::

Day 1: Wednesday, October 26 –Watch live on YouTube

10 a.m.
Welcoming Remarks by Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero

10:05 a.m.
Introduction to Genealogy at the National Archives by Claire Kluskens

11 a.m.
The Best National Archives Records Genealogists Aren’t Using by Lori Cox-Paul

12 p.m.
National Archives Innovative Online Resources and Tools to […]

19 Oct 2016

Why Am I a Genealogist?

Why am I a genealogist? Jack Finney’s time-travel novel, Time and Again, explains it best:
Because I’ve always felt a wonder at old photographs not easy to explain.  Maybe I don’t need to explain; maybe you’ll recognize what I mean. I mean the sense of wonder, staring at the strange clothes and vanished backgrounds, at knowing that what you’re seeing was once real. That light really did reflect into a lens from these lost faces and objects. That these people were really there once, smiling into a camera. You could have walked into the scene then, touched those people, and spoken to them. You could actually have gone into that strange outmoded old building and seen what now you never can – what was just inside the door.

Because the good ones, the really clear sharp photographs, are so real; insert a view, slide it into focus, and the old scene leaps out […]

20 Sep 2016

Latest Image Software Recommendations

My latest image software recommendations are included in this post.  Choosing image software to help manage your family photos is an essential step in organizing family photos and records, and one that I cover in more detail in my e-book, Cataloging Family Photographs & Records.

Image software is used by genealogists to:

Create high-resolution master scans
Edit photos to resize, crop, and alter master digital files
Make changes to many photos with a batch edit
Add information to digital images using metadata
Search for images and retrieve them using keywords
Use special functions, such as creating albums, employing facial recognition or adding GPS linking

Windows or Mac Image Software
Photoshop Elements ($80-$100) – think of it as Photoshop Lite. Has powerful image editing capabilities, including GPS and facial recognition; easier to use than the full version of Photoshop, but still has a learning curve.

Many free tutorials available. Also has scanning feature. A 30-day demo is available […]

5 Sep 2016

Lewis Hine Project

The Lewis Hine Project documents the research of retired social worker Joe Manning. He set out in 2004 to see what had happened to the children featured in Lewis Hine’s heartbreaking photos of child labor in the United States in the early 20th century. The Lewis Hine Project documents his findings—showing the lives of hundreds of subjects—on his website,
The Lewis Hine Project
Because Hine only recorded the dates and places of his photos, Manning became a researcher-genealogist to identify the children and find their descendants.

Manning set out to find the identity of the little girl in one of Hine’s most famous photographs.

The little girl staring out the window has no name and a very short story. At 10 years old, she had been working at Rhodes Manufacturing Company for more than a year…. I came up with a novel idea. I searched the 1910 Lincolnton census, and made a list of all […]