Who was Sassy Jane? Here’s how and where I found the name for my genealogy website –researching, of course!

Who Was Sassy Jane?

Press-Courier (Oxnard, California), 28 Feb 1925, p. 4

When I started my genealogy blog in 2010, I was searching around for a memorable name. Then I recalled some 1920s ads for “Sassy Jane Frocks” I’d seen doing newspaper research. Since it seemed like all the blog names using trees, roots, leaves, or branches were already taken, I decided to go for memorable.

So I combined my love of vintage fashion and genealogy research into Sassy Jane Genealogy. And that’s how I named my genealogy site.

Over the years, I’ve expanded things a bit. First, blog and then some genealogy presentations. After that I wrote some genealogy ebooks and began helping clients with their family history

As always, perspective on genealogy research comes from also being an archivist and librarian. I specialize in midwestern US, migration records, and European research.

Who Was Sassy Jane?

As it turned out, Sassy Jane was a guy named Milt. Milton G. Cooper, to be precise, president of the firm of Milton G. Cooper Dry Goods. This company made Sassy Jane and Perky Peggy dresses, aprons, and children’s clothes, throughout the 1920s.

who was sassy jane

California Federation of Women’s Clubs, “The Clubwoman,” vol.

Thanks to the Internet, I’ve heard from Milt’s granddaughter-in-law and learned Sassy Jane was a real person.

Sidetracked by Vintage Newspapers

How often do you get sidetracked when you’re doing newspaper research? I admit it happens to me all the time. And Sassy Jane was no exception. Soon I had a collection of ads, notices of fashion shows, legal cases, city directory listings, news articles, and more. But that’s a post for a different day.

In the meantime, happy researching to all of my readers.