10 Jul 2015

Islands in Reunion 11 Genealogy Software

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Today’s post is about Islands in Reunion 11 Genealogy Software. It’s quite the best new feature of this recent version upgrade of the venerable Mac genealogy software from Leisterpro. The new Islands sidebar, seen at right, is located in the pulldown menu on the upper right of the main screen. This new [...]

6 Jun 2015

iPad and Mac Diacritical Marks

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Today's topic is iPad and Mac diacritical marks. If you're using your iPad (or Mac) for genealogy, you probably need to add diacritical marks to names and places. If you’re a native English speaker like me, getting your keyboard to produce these characters may be an unfamiliar process. A diacritical mark is [...]

17 Jan 2015

Choosing Image Management Software

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My good friend and fellow genealogist Judy Webster has started the new year with some resolutions about organizing her research using a “source-based incremental fix,” rather than a giant do-over approach. Makes sense to me! One of her steps is choosing image management software to better organize her family photos. This is an [...]

15 Jul 2014

Google Maps Offline – Tuesday’s Tip

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Courtesy CNET Are you interested in using Google Maps offline? There are two big advantages to using Google Maps this way: Save money by going easy on your data plan Avoid that dreaded "No Service" message Using Google Maps online (i.e., with 3G or 4G connections instead of [...]