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Prussian Place Name Research explores German and Prussian gazetteers, maps, databases, and records for German-speaking ancestors from Prussia (Brandenburg, East Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, Silesia, West Prussia).

Discover where your Prussian ancestors lived, and what place names are in use today. Once you have your geographic bearings in Prussia, primary and secondary sources are easier to find with this Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook.


Prussian Place Name Research advances your genealogy research in Prussia. This e-book offers direct links and search strategies to pinpoint geographic locations of German-speaking ancestors from Prussia (Brandenburg, East Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, Silesia, West Prussia).

Are your ancestors Prussian, German, or both? Perhaps you’ve found records saying ancestors were German, but other records state they were Prussian? All three of these answers may be correct.

German Peasant Costume Prussia Spreewald

German Peasant Costumes – Prussia – Spreewald, [unidentified artist], [c. 1861-1897], Louis Prang & Company Collection. Courtesy Arts Department, Boston Public Library

Finding Prussian Ancestors and Their Locations

Identification of place names and the parishes of immigrant ancestors and their forebears is essential in German and Prussian genealogy research.

Improve your research results with an overview of languages, religions, and borders between Germany, Poland, and various neighboring countries over the last 300 years.

Prussian Place Name Research

The first section of this Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide offers broad understanding of the geographical area and historical changes to the land once known as Prussia.

The second section offers links German and Polish gazetteers, databases, and maps to identify Prussian locations of immigrant ancestors and their families. Finding precise locations for your German-speaking ancestors unlocks a world of primary resources.

The third and final section provides a Prussian Genealogy Toolkit, including multiple resources for reading old German handwriting, pronunciation guides, adding accent marks, and using translators and dictionaries.

Inside This Guide

I. Prussian? German? Or Both?

  • Six Provinces
  • Prussian Geographical and Governmental Hierarchy
  • Overview of the History of Prussia

II. Online Resources for Prussian Place Name Research

  • Gazetteers and Geographic Dictionaries
  • Databases
  • Maps

III. Prussian Genealogy Research Toolkit

  • Reading Old German Handwriting
  • German Pronunciation
  • Diacriticals (Accent Marks)
  • Dictionaries/Translators

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