30 Jan 2016

Finding Ages When All You Know is a Name

From the statistical website, an intriguing article suggesting ways for finding ages when all you know is a name in your family research. Using Social Security data and related actuarial data, fivethirtyeight’s article, How to Tell Someone’s Age When All You Know Is Her Name, solidifies what all genealogists note about the ebb and flow of popular names in family trees.
Picture Mildred, Agnes, Ethel and Blanche. Perhaps you imagine the Golden Girls or your grandmother’s poker game. These are names for women of age, wisdom and distinction. The median living Mildred in the United States is now 78 years old.

Now imagine Madison, Sydney, Alexa and Hailey. They sound like the starting midfield on a fourth-grade girls’ soccer team. And they might as well be: the median American females with these names are between 9 and 12 years old.
According to, the “method for determining the answer is quite simple.* All you really need is […]

24 Jan 2016

Free Arkansas Digital Archives for Genealogy

Free Arkansas Digital Archives for Genealogy
are featured in Sassy Jane Genealogy’s States on Sunday series,
providing links to free digital resources for each of the fifty states.

Arkansas History Commission
As the official archives of the state, the commission collects and preserves the source materials of the history of Arkansas. Access to digital materials is provided through:
1. Catalog of Arkansas Resources and Arkansas Treasures
CARAT provides access to the following databases:

Biodex (Biographical Index)
Books & Maps
County Records
In Remembrance
Land Records, 1853-1956
Military Records

Confederate Pension Records Search
Confederate [Soldiers’] Home Records Search
World War I Discharge Records Search


2. Arkansas Digital Ark-ives
This is the online digital archive of the Arkansas History Commission, Arkansas’s official state archives, offering digitized documents, visuals, maps, broadsides, pamphlets, and three-dimensional objects significant to Arkansas history and culture, from the holdings of the Arkansas History Commission. Collections include:

Tales from the Vault
AHC Resource Guides
Historic Maps Collection
Postcards from Arkansas’s Past
Territorial Arkansas Collection
Strolling Down Main Street Arkansas
The Great War: Arkansas During World War I
Arkansas Women’s History Collection
Arkansas’s Multicultural Heritage
Arkansas […]

17 Jan 2016

Free Arizona Digital Archives for Genealogy

Free Arizona digital archives for genealogy
are featured in Sassy Jane Genealogy‘s States on Sunday series
providing links to free digital resources for each of the fifty states.

Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates
Certificates available online to the public online free of charge for births that occurred at least 75 years ago and deaths that occurred at least 50 years ago in Arizona.
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
A division of the Arizona Secretary of State, the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records’ branches are the Director’s Office, Archives and Records Management, State Library of Arizona, Library Development, Arizona Talking Book Library and the Arizona Capitol Museum.

The State Archives, located in the Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History Building, collects, preserves and makes available to the public and all branches of government, permanent public records, historical manuscripts, photographs and other materials that contribute to the understanding of Arizona history.

Arizona Historical Books and Periodicals Collection

Arizona National Forest Maps […]

10 Jan 2016

Free Alaska Digital Archives for Genealogy

Free Alaska Digital Archives for Genealogy
are featured in Sassy Jane Genealogy’s States on Sunday series
providing links to free digital resources for each of the fifty states.

Alaska’s Digital Archives

Partners in this collaborative project include the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, the Consortium Library at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and the Alaska State Library in Juneau. For a full list of contributing libraries and archives, click here.
Stampeder Genealogy
The National Park Services writes, “There are a number of sites that list resources and maintain searchable databases of people who went north to Alaska and Canada during the gold rush. These sites are an easy place to begin your research.”

Ghosts of the Klondike Genealogical Database – The Dawson City Museum maintains 80,000 genealogical records online including records of the Northwest Mounted Police, Yukon Order of Pioneers, Palm Sunday Avalanche victims and a variety of other genealogical records.
Valdez Museum and Historical Archives – The Valdez Museum […]