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US and European Genealogy Research

Sassy Jane Genealogy

US and European Genealogy Research

Posts about my genealogy pilgrimage to visit each of the eight Scandinavian and European villages of my immigrant great-grandparents.

13 Jun 2018

Finding Ross Ancestors in Edderton

By |13 Jun 2018|Church Records, Digital Collections, Genealogy Pilgrimage, Heritage Travel, Ross, Scottish Genealogy|2 Comments

Finding Ross ancestors in Edderton was the next step in my genealogy pilgrimage to the Highlands of Scotland in 2017. My husband and I were off to Easter Ross to find Little Daan, where my [...]

3 Sep 2017

Finding Scottish Ancestors at Dunnottar

By |3 Sep 2017|Genealogy Pilgrimage, Heritage Travel, Scottish Genealogy|8 Comments

This summer I've been finding Scottish Ancestors at Dunnottar. On my second trip of eight planned to visit the ancestral villages of my immigrant great-grandparents, I visited Dunnottar Castle in Scotland. Once a 13th-century Scottish hilltop [...]

31 Aug 2016

Finding Norwegian Ancestors in Eiker

By |31 Aug 2016|Genealogy Pilgrimage, Heritage Travel, Norwegian Genealogy|7 Comments

Finding Norwegian ancestors in Eiker, Buskerud, was the other half of my summer adventure in Norway. (The first half of my ancestral trip was to my great-grandmother's farm in Ringebu, Norway.) Haug Kirke in Buskerud [...]


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