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24 Sep 2018

Finding More Prussian Ancestors in Rawitsch

By |24 Sep 2018|Church Records, Genealogy Pilgrimage, Heritage Travel, Prussian Genealogy|1 Comment

Finding more Prussian ancestors in Rawitsch was on the agenda in the afternoon. Read part 1 of this ancestral visit here. So far, I've found over 200 German-speaking ancestors who lived in Prussia in [...]

13 Jul 2018

Finding Austrian Ancestors in Ladis

By |13 Jul 2018|Austrian Genealogy, Genealogy Pilgrimage, Hann, Heritage Travel|1 Comment

This post is about finding Austrian ancestors in Ladis. Long-time readers here know (probably too much!) about my multi-year genealogical pilgrimage to visit the European villages of my immigrant great-grandparents. Each of the eight [...]

13 Jun 2018

Finding Ross Ancestors in Edderton

By |13 Jun 2018|Church Records, Digital Collections, Genealogy Pilgrimage, Heritage Travel, Ross, Scottish Genealogy|2 Comments

Finding Ross ancestors in Edderton was the next step in my genealogy pilgrimage to the Highlands of Scotland in 2017. My husband and I were off to Easter Ross to find Little Daan, where my [...]


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