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26 Jun 2017

Place Research Tool for Genealogy Research

By |26 Jun 2017|Databases, Maps, Research Tips|2 Comments

Place Research Tool for genealogy research is the new way to search the huge database of geographical information at FamilySearch. Place Research Tool helps you find standardized information for place names with links to GPS-generated maps, variant spellings, and changes to place names over time. In addition to helping genealogists search for [...]

22 Feb 2017

Genealogy on Facebook List Updated Feb 2017

By |22 Feb 2017|Genealogy, Research Tips, Social Media|Comments Off on Genealogy on Facebook List Updated Feb 2017

The invaluable Genealogy on Facebook List updated Feb 2017. Compiled by talented genealogist (and my friend) Katherine R. Willson of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Genealogy on Facebook List contains 10,600+ links to English-speaking Facebook groups & pages related to genealogy & history. Inspired by her success using Facebook to break [...]

30 Dec 2016

Shortening Ancestry Links

By |30 Dec 2016|Research Tips, Sources and Citations|4 Comments

Today's post is about shortening Ancestry links. Lately I've been getting lots of very long URLs for links to specific records. Here's an example of a long URL for a record in the 1820 U.S. census: &gsfn_x=1&gsln=kinsley&gsln_x=1&msrpn__ftp=Pomfret,%20Chautauqua,%20New%20York,%20USA&msrpn=10284&msrpn_PInfo=8- I want to paste this link into my family tree program [...]

30 Jan 2016

Finding Ages When All You Know is a Name

By |30 Jan 2016|Databases, Genealogy, Research Tips|Comments Off on Finding Ages When All You Know is a Name

From the statistical website, an intriguing article suggesting ways for finding ages when all you know is a name in your family research. Using Social Security data and related actuarial data, fivethirtyeight's article, How to Tell Someone’s Age When All You Know Is Her Name, solidifies what all genealogists note about the [...]