Today’s post is about finding newspapers worldwide for genealogy research.

finding newspapers worldwide for genealogy research‘s goal is to make it possible to search the world’s online historic newspapers from one place. Veridian Software, a technology company that digitizes newspapers for libraries, hosts this site free of charge. Think of Elephind like a specialized Google that only searches for historical and digitized newspapers.

Veridian writes, “With it is now possible for family historians, genealogists, and researchers to search historic digitized newspaper archives from around the globe…. It enables you to search, for free, across many newspaper sites simultaneously, rather than having to visit each site separately. By clicking on the search result that interests you, you’ll go directly to the newspaper site which hosts that story.”

In addition to offering access to newspapers worldwide, Elephind also includes all of the U.S. state digital newspaper programs, which can be difficult to track down. Many smaller archival collections of newspapers – perhaps difficult to find with a regular Google search – are easily located at Elephind. Check back often because Veridian updates their portal as they digitize more collections.

So if you are intent on finding newspapers worldwide for genealogy research? I like the odds of finding newspapers at a site with 181,585,262 items from 3,566 newspaper titles on offer. The image below shows just the first page of resources you can find at Elephind.

Get started using Elephind here.

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finding newspapers worldwide for genealogy