Posts about translation and translating records for family research from German, Swedish, Norwegian, and other European languages to English for genealogy

26 Oct 2017

Translating German Genealogy Records

By |26 Oct 2017|German Genealogy, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides, Translation|5 Comments

Today's post is about a system I've put together when translating German genealogy records to English. Much has been written about resources to help you translate, but very little about the actual process of [...]

9 Mar 2016

Translating Hamburg Passenger List Categories

By |9 Mar 2016|German Genealogy, Immigration Records, Prussian Genealogy, Translation|0 Comments

Is your German a little rusty or perhaps even non-existent? Do you need help translating Hamburg Passenger List categories? This post helps you decipher the categories of information that were recorded on the Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934. This [...]

19 Aug 2014

Google News Archive for German Newspapers

By |19 Aug 2014|Genealogy, Newspapers, Obituaries, Translation|0 Comments

Today's guest post is about using the Google News Archive for German newspapers. German-language newspapers published in the U.S. can be important sources for obituaries and other information on German immigrant ancestors. My Germanic Genealogy teacher, Carolyn [...]