Follow Friday – & Saving Family Members’ Military Service Memories

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Follow Friday – & Saving Family Members’ Military Service Memories

Today’s Follow Friday is a Web site called Witness to War: Preserving the History of Combat Veterans. With Veterans Day fresh in our minds, I think this could be a great resource for genealogists. 

I think the site is pretty new and should be of interest to genealogists not only as a potential source of information, but also as a place where you can upload and share interviews with military members of your families.

The origins of the project lie with the Atlanta World War II Roundtable, a group of over 150 veterans and history enthusiasts who meet monthly to hear speakers tell their individual war experiences. “After several years of informal interviews with veterans, the project was formalized in 2002 after a chance encounter with a special group of veterans…. The Witness to War Foundation was initially launched to capture the stories of its members. The project expanded through the support of several individuals and groups listed in the Acknowledgements section to include many other veterans.”

The contact information for questions, to donate content for use on the site, to sponsor the site, or if you live in the Atlanta area and would like to be interviewed for the Witness to War project is:

Emily Carley
Witness to War
c/o ISG
5555 Triangle Parkway
Suite 300
Norcross, GA 30092