The Poznan Marriage Project database is indispensable for Posen genealogy research. Do you have Prussian ancestors in this province? Read on!

Posen Marriage Research in Prussia

The Poznan Marriage Project database contains extracted information on nearly two million nineteenth-century marriage records performed in Posen, Prussia. After 1945, this location became Poznań, Poland.

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Headed by Łukasz Bielecki, the Poznan Marriage Project database abstracts records from civil, Lutheran, and Catholic parishes within the former Prussian province of Posen. Bielecki states, “The Poznań Project was primarily conceived as a way to resolve a problem common to many genealogists researching this area: the 19th century records rarely provide the precise location of origin for people who left the Poznań/Posen province to settle in America, Australia or elsewhere. Instead, the short label “Posen” is usually all that is provided.”

When you find an entry in the Poznan Marriage Project, links are provided to relevant regional archives in Poland.

Searching Poznan Marriage Project Database

Advanced search is available by first or last name of bride or groom, or of parents when known.

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Advanced Search at Poznan Marriage Project.

Ordering Posen Marriage Records

Poznan Marriage Project is a database. To order scans of actual marriage records, contact multi-lingual genealogy researcher Ewa Pękalska via email, go to the Posen records in NAC, the Polish National Digital Archives at this link, click the link for records in hits you find, or contact Łukasz Bielecki at this link.

Posen Marriage Record Example

I broke down a brick wall in my own research in Posen when I found the marriage record below. This is a marriage record for the pastor who married my great-great grandparents. Friedrich Adolph Haake turned out to be an in-law in my family. Pastor Haake’s wife, Henriette, Auguste Kirschstein, was the aunt of my great-great grandfather, Friedrich Wilhelm Alexander Kirschstein.

Poznan Marriage Project database marriage record

Poznan Marriage Project citation: Protestant community Pleszew [Pleschen]-entry 18 / 1838-Friedrich Adolf Haake (26 years old) -Henriette Auguste Kirschstein (20 years old) 100% -father: Christian Kirschstein

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Are you fortunate enough to have ancestors living in Posen in the nineteenth-century? Łukasz Bielecki’s database can help.

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