Genealogy Shelter in Place Project 5
Make the most of your genealogy time now, and in the future, with these ideas.

Genealogy Shelter in Place Project 5: Find Genealogy Webinars

Let’s look at the wide world of online genealogy education. These days, most genealogical societies are regrouping, They’re finding ways to offer online presentations as substitutes for in-person meetings and seminars. Given a virus-imposed deadline, it is not easy for societies to make this transition. But indeed they are. Their hard work offers a massive benefit to those of us who are limited in mobility or wisely sheltering at home.

How Do Webinars Work?

A webinar is a presentation that takes place over the Internet. A lecturer present information to participants regardless of physical location. Participants hear the presenter and see slides, just as in a in-person meeting. A moderator from the hosting organization fields audience questions. Attendees may need to install presentation software such as GotoMeeting or Zoom before joining a webinar. Other presentations may be offered directly via YouTube or Vimeo.

Genealogy Webinar Topics

Genealogy webinars cover a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Using family tree software
  • Finding records at a specific library, archives, or online site
  • improving language skills and reading old handwriting
  • Discovering new or additional genealogical resources
  • Find and using specific records, such as property or military records
  • Researching internationally
  • Understanding genetic genealogy, test results, and apps
  • Researching in specific geography areas and/or eras

Find Providers of Genealogy Webinars

State, Regional, and Local Genealogical Societies

In an earlier post, I mentioned ways to find and join genealogical societies that are local, virtual, or located in places where your ancestors lived. Check your existing or new society memberships for their upcoming or recorded webinars. Find national, regional, state, and local societies at this link. These societies are your gateway to relevant new resources.

Free Webinars, Online Classes, and Hangouts

It’s astonishing how many free resources already exist on genealogical research. Here are links to just a few, in no particular order although the librarian in me cries out for alpha order:

Freemium Webinars, Webinar Libraries, and Online Classes

Some providers offer  “freemium” pricing. Under this model, providers usually offer live webinars for free, but access to recorded libraries requires paid (premium) membership. Others offer an introductory free session, but require a fee or subscription to continue. Still others ask for payment up front. (Genealogists gotta eat.) Here are a few of genealogy webinars and classes offered using this model:

Find genealogy webinars

Resources to Find Genealogy Webinars

That’s it for Genealogy Shelter in Place Project 5: Find Genealogy Webinars.  For other projects to help your research during this extended time at home, visit this link.