Randy’s got a great Saturday Genealogy Fun this week:

1)  Go to the Find-a-Grave website (www.findagrave.com) and search for ancestors that you don’t know the burial location of.   How far back in time did you have to go to find this person?  Hint #1 – use your ancestor list to help you.  Hint #2 – don’t forget to use the last surname for females!

2)  If you think that Find-a-Grave will not have your persons of interest, then check another burial index that might help you.

3)  Tell us about your search – who did you look for, and who was the first ancestor that you found that you did not have a burial location for previously?  Write your own blog post, or make a comment on this post.

This is a great idea and one that’s always on my list I never get to. After about 15 searches, I found my husband’s 6G-Grandparents in the Presbyterian Church Burial Grounds, Westfield, Union, New Jersey, in Find-a-Grave:

Eleanor Donnington Woodruff, 1701- 1760

Deacon John Woodruff, 1704 – 1768

Isn’t that great? They aren’t linked as spouses, so I think I’ll write to the person who entered them. And I see 69 other Woodruffs in that single cemetery, so pardon me, but I have some work to do.